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I think that this page has the potential to be developed into a Game Systems Portal. But this would encompass a lot more game systems than the currently mentioned three. In particular there are older, but discontinued, game systems, like the BattleTech Trading Card Game, MechWarrior: Dark Age Collectable Miniatures Game, BattleTroops, AeroTech, and the Succession Wars Board Game that would technically qualify. Also there are the various video game systems, both current and discontinued, that would also pertain. I have rewritten the introduction with a view to expand to include those. As I have time, I will consider writing entries for those others as a well as developing a hopefully cohesive structure. However, if there is a view that this page should be kept purposely narrow (and not turned into a portal), then please speak up. In that case, a page name change would be in order. --Dude RB (talk) 08:17, 24 December 2022 (EST)