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Fourth War[edit]

Added info re: the units actions in the 4th Succession War. ClanWolverine101

Blue Star of Kerensky[edit]

Is this thing referenced any place else except in regards to the Irregulars? I just feel that its part of pre-Clan material that doesn't really match current genre. Think about it : Kerensky makes an ORIGINAL award for the Amaris Civil War. Okay, fair enough. He awards 30 or so of them. Okay. The majority of the recipients not only survive, but decide to stay in the I.S. Highly unlikely. These guys don't join the ComGuard or house militaries, but instead decide to go merc. Well, Eridani LH did the same - okay. But they all decided to stay together in one unit??? That's just a bit too much for me. Thoughts? ClanWolverine101

Eh...we're not nearly as strict about this here as Wikipedia is (in fact, we've no rule at all), but this question sounds more a question regarding the unit, rather than the article. To be honest, you're more likely to get a response on a forum, such as the Sarna one here or at You could always reference the article, but I think you won't find the conversation as stimulating here. --Revanche (talk|contribs) 17:46, 4 March 2010 (UTC)