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Weight Discrepancies[edit]

Running the Master Rules calculations on this tank revealed there is a half ton discrepancy in the tank. This is from the combined quarter-ton differences in the engine mass, control component mass and the .4 tons turret mass. The correct numbers for those items are 8.5 tons for engine, 4 tons for control component and 2.5 tons for the turret. If the experimental rule of quarter-ton round are used, then the tank is .25 tons light. The edits I have made reflect a 5.5 tons of armor to bring the design into compliance.


Unfortunately, we can't really do that here on Sarna. Sarna's a record of published information - and while we do try and capture errata where someone notices, we can't correct canon information ourselves. The comment you've made here is something that should be flagged up in the main article, in the Notes section - to highlight that there are specific construction discrepancies in the vehicle details, based on the extant construction rules. However, we can only change the canon information if either a) Catalyst publish an update or b) Catalyst acknowledge an errata. You need to flag up the errors in the relevant errata thread on the Catalyst forum; depending on how burning an issue it is, you could also post an Ask The Writers question pointing out the discrepancy and asking how the design should be altered to rectify it. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 04:52, 25 February 2016 (PST)