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CYBRN4CR: Does anyone have any further rules for this? When I realized CASE II can be put on the arms, I couldn't find any specifics on the rules for the arms so I made some conjectures about how the system would handle arm explosions. This is also true for situations where there is no rear armor in the 'Mech when the explosion happens. Since Max Tech states "the internal structure of the affected location takes only 1 point of damage," it doesn't make sense for the redirected damage to then follow standard damage transfer rules from the armor to the internal structure. This negates the written advantage of having the CASE II. — The preceding unsigned comment was posted by CYBRN4CR (talkcontribs) 15 January 2010.

Hi there, well according to Tactical Operations p 299, "When ammunition protected by CASE II explodes, only 1 point of internal damage is inflicted to the location (with the normal chance of critical effects), while any remaining damage is applied to the location’s rear armor and does not transfer after that." While also Pilots still do take damage from internal explosions as normal. Djuice 07:55, 15 January 2010 (UTC)