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Orignial Chameleon[edit]

I have added the original 1985 version of the Chameleon. Since this mech does not seem to be referenced anywhere else I have calculated the battle value using HeavyMetal Pro, placing the MG ammo in the head rather than the CT as listed on the sheet. Since this mech mildly violates the design rules I'm not sure this is totally cannonical, but it is still a significant piece of BT history and since variants of the design are listed in other sources I feel it merits inclusion here. Since the BV is obviously not included in the original text, the value is not footmarked. Nonetheless, since HeavyMetal Pro was an official licenced product, I am comfortable listing the value. The BV calculations are as follows:

 BATTLE VALUE CALCULATION FOR Chameleon TRC-4B               
                               VALIDATED Design                             
       DEFENSIVE BATTLE RATING CALCULATION:                                 
Total Armor Factor x 2                                        100 x 2 =  200
Total Internal Structure Points x 1.5                      83 x 1.5 =  124.5
Total 'Mech Tonnage                                                       50
Total BV of all Defensive Equipment                                        0
20 points per ton of explosive ammo in Center Torso,                        
  Head or Legs, or elsewhere unprotected by CASE              0.5 x 20 =  10
(Max. potential Heat Points - Heat Sink Capacity) x 5    (24 - 10) x 5 =  70
At a full Run of 9, Movement Modifier is + 3                           294.5
Multiply by Defensive Movement Factor of 1.3                           x 1.3
DEFENSIVE BATTLE RATING =                                             382.85
       OFFENSIVE BATTLE RATING CALCULATION:                                 
Offensive Weapons:                    Heat:                                 
  1 Medium Laser                         3                            46    
  1 Medium Laser                         3                            46    
  1 Large Laser                          8                           124    
  2 Small Laser                      2 x 1                   2 x 9 =  18    
  2 Small Laser                      2 x 1                   2 x 9 =  18    
  2 Machine Gun  + 0.5 T ammo        2 x 0       2 x 5 + 0.5 x 1 =  10.5    
                                       + 6 Jumping Heat             --------
Base Weapon Battle Rating               24 Max Heat Points             262.5
Adjust Base Weapon Battle Rating for 'Mech's Heat Efficiency                
X = (Total Heat Sinks x Base Weapon Battle Rating) / Max Heat Points        
                                                (10 x 262.5) / 24 =  109.375
Y = (Base Weapon Battle Rating - X) / 2     (262.5 - 109.375) / 2 =  76.5625
Modified Weapon Battle Rating = X + Y                            =  185.9375
Calculate Speed Factor                                                      
Add Running MP + Jumping MP                                      9 + 6 =  15
Speed Factor (based on table or calculation) =                          2.30
Offensive Battle Rating = Modified Battle Rating x Speed Factor             
                                                 185.9375 x 2.30 =  427.6562
OFFENSIVE BATTLE RATING =                                           427.6562
Total BV = Defensive BV + Offensive BV:        382.85 + 427.6562 =  810.5062
TOTAL BATTLE VALUE FOR 'MECH                                          =  81

I will scan the original illustration for the Chameleon tomorrow. -- LRichardson 23:13, 19 April 2011 (UTC)

The original Chameleon, as in the TrainerMech from the 2nd Ed. boxed set, was referred to as the TRC-4B in the Stinger's entry in TRO3025. I think you can say it's established that this is the same 'Mech. They overlooked the TRC-4B reference in the beta MUL 1.66 (exchanged PMs with a team member who said as much, it was an oversight not a deliberate omission) because by then someone had erroneously given the CLN designation which was carried on for battlefield variants. We should be getting an official BV 2.0 at some point. Frabby 07:48, 20 April 2011 (UTC)
Heh, yea, it is an amusing bit of FASA lore. It is totally in keeping with their uh... editing style... that there is a direct contradiction in the fluff on the very first page of the absolute basic rulebook. That page has both the TRB and CLN designations listed on it. I used the TRB as the main designation of the type since that is the one that was put on the record sheet. Is there an accepted shorthand and/or name for the 2ed rulebook? (Just like the Technical Readouts are known as TROXXXX). Anyhow, I have the scan of the art and am going to try to figure out how to add it to the gallery. -- LRichardson 18:11, 20 April 2011 (UTC)
Hy take a look on this, Category:Books i hope it helps.Greetings--Doneve 20:41, 20 April 2011 (UTC)