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Ask The Writers Clarification: Ciotat Settlement Dates[edit]

The history of Ciotat and a number of other systems was clarified on the official Ask The Writers forum following confusing map detail being identified within various BattleTech maps. The conversation chain is recorded here for posterity.

Fatima appears as a Tamar Pact world in the LC Founding Map, but does not appear on the 2571 and 2596 maps. It reappears in 2750. Is the founding map incorrect, are the 2571 and 2596 maps wrong, or was Fatima LOST and then rediscovered by 2750?

Rochester appears as in Independent world in the FS Founding Map, but does not appear in the 2571 map. It appears on the 2596 map. Same question with Fatima, whether the FS Founding map or the FS 2571 map is wrong, or the world was lost between 2318 and 2571.

Arcadia (LC), Ciotat, Eidsfoss, Hollabrunn, and Sarpsborg are all Independent according to FWL Founding map, but do not appear on the LC founding maps and the 2571 maps. They appear on the 2596 maps. Is the FWL map wrong? Or the LC & the LC/FWL 2571 maps?

  — Voltampere, 28-10-2011, 15:50:06
Both were lost during the Age of War, and resettled during the Star League Era.

With regards,

  — Øystein Tvedten, BattleTech Writer, 28-10-2011, 16:26:18
Thanks! Is the same true for Arcadia (LC), Ciotat, Eidsfoss, Hollabrunn, and Sarpsborg? I was adding my question about them when you replied hehe, sorry about that.
  — Voltampere, 28-10-2011, 16:29:12
Most likely, yes. I forget which died when offhand.


  — Øystein Tvedten, BattleTech Writer, 28-10-2011, 16:43:22