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ProtoMechs, Land Air 'Mechs, QuadVees[edit]

Something that I always wondered about whenever I took a peak at this page was if a Composite Internal Structure could be used on unit types where weight-saving technologies are otherwise prohibited because of their bulk, for example with Land Air 'Mechs and QuadVees, as their respective construction rules (at least in the various publications which I have already read) only state that they cannot use any type of armor or structure that occupies Critical Slots. ProtoMechs are also implied to be similar, though without the specific wording that mentioned Critical Slots.

If that's the case, then I feel the need to ask; where the writers also taking the Composite Internal Structure into consideration, or just things like Endo Steel? If they weren't, then how might being able to use a Composite Internal Structure change things for these unit types, assuming that they didn't change that in a future Errata? Amaroq Dricaldari (talk) 18:52, 19 March 2018 (EDT)

As it stands, the only unit type allowed to use a Composite Internal Structure (per Tactical Operations) is the BattleMech and its subtypes. Tac Ops also specifies that Composite Internal Structure and Reinforced Internal Structure both use no crit slots, so LAMs can use them (Interstellar Operations, as the most recent rulebook, reiterates that LAMs cannot use a form of internal structure that occupies crit slots, ruling out Endo Steel and Endo-Composite internals for LAMs). IO only specifies for QuadVees that they follow the construction rules for four-legged 'Mechs, with restrictions on Tech Base (Clan only), Weight Limits (no Super Heavy QuadVees), the Cockpit type, Conversion Equipment Requirements, and the stat details for wheels/tracks in the legs. ProtoMechs are a specific unit type in TO, included in the weapons and equipment tables, which give the limitations on what they can use; ProtoMechs can't use alernative internal structures for the same reason that they can't use Drone Systems, ICE engines, Variable-Speed Small Lasers and Laser Insulators: because the game designers say they can't. You could try pitching an Ask The Writers question or a Rules query over on the official CGL forums to ask why ProtoMechs can't use alternative internal structures, but the answer will probably revolve around either game balance, and wanting to keep a distinction between what's possible with an Ultralight BattleMech and what's possible with an Ultraheavy ProtoMech, so that they remain separate unit types. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 19:32, 23 March 2018 (EDT)