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Magna laser edit[edit]

Magna MK IV was listed on Corean Enterprises as both a small laser and ER small laser, with the standard small laser having a source 22 where the Locust 5M uses it.

Locust 5M is using Magna MK IV ER small lasers (Magna's lasers are MK I, with ML as MK II and LL as MK III with the Extended Range models listed as MK IV for ERS, VI as ERM and ??? as ERL). (Seems they missed Magna MK V, but there are many references to Magna MK VI as the ER ML...)

Moved the Locust reference down and removed the erroneous entry as well as added "MK I" to the original Magna listing for small laser. Anyone know what Magna's MK V laser is, or if one exists?

Just checked and source 22 is Technical Readout: Project Phoenix, no mention of a standard small laser in the 5M entry that I can see so yeah that was a mistake. As for the Mk V, I do not think there is one.--Dmon (talk) 02:38, 27 September 2019 (EDT)