Talk:Defiance Self-Protection Force

LCAF vs. retainer/corporate unit[edit]

The article explicitly claims that the DSPF is a Lyran Commonwealth formation. I don't have time to check all sources, but as far as I remember this is wrong. It was created as an ad-hoc corporate security detail and later became the private force of House Brewer. It was not, by contrast, part of the LCAF nor technically under orders from House Steiner or the Lyran Commonwealth.

Also, I seem to recall it was the GDL that kinda-sorta lived on in Brewer's Legion, while the DSPF was never dissolved. But I may be misremembering that one. Frabby (talk) 04:06, 7 November 2018 (EST)

Will9761 initially creared the article as a LCAF article, so I changed the category to Corporate Security, but I have not had time to go through and clean it up. I will do a bit more work now but win't have time until next week to do a oroper overhaul.--Dmon (talk) 05:51, 7 November 2018 (EST)