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Cool Stuff[edit]

I'm very happy to see this information on Sarna. I have long planned an article about BattleTech content in other, non-BattleTech media and this is one such example. (As a non-BattleTech-centric magazine nor a house magazine from a BattleTech producer or licensee, Dragon Magazine probably doesn't deserve its own article here but I will leave it at least until I get that other article going.) However, what makes you say the content from issue #114 is "official" and should be considered canon? Frabby (talk) 16:38, 24 June 2017 (EDT)

The article is specifically copyrighted to FASA (unlike other articles in the magazine with no copyright reference), not to mention the authors were working for FASA at the time. Kevin Stein was the primary author of TRO 3026, and you can see that in the style - it's like a first draft
As for its own page, well if we are going to allow Star Trek a page simple because FASA owned it then I think Dragon Magazine deserves one as well. - Dark Jaguar (talk) 16:54, 24 June 2017 (EDT)
That's a good point about Star Trek, of course. I'm not going to do anything with this article this year or next anyways, so...
Regarding canonicity, if FASA didn't publish it themselves then it's not canon under the current definition, even if they retain copyright or outright wrote it. Dragon Magazine isn't an "official" source of BattleTech fiction. We'd need an explicit ruling to regard this as canon. Frabby (talk) 05:25, 25 June 2017 (EDT)