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About Kinslaughter ER PPC[edit]

The Kinslaughter series is established in the 1980s material as a production of Krupp Stellar and Krupp Armamnets. The Kinslaughter of the Lancelot model, as well as all the other Krupp-brand equipment, the Kinslaughter ER PPC (TRO 3050Upgrade Black Knight entry) is as far as I can tell the first mention of an ER Kinslaughter and then suddenly the same year Techmanual slaps us in the face with a cold ER PPC variant the Kinslaughter Heavy Class (H-Class) ER PPC. Under Krupp Aramaments, the H-Class is listed there (which also strikes me as odd, all of Krupp's energy weapons are produced under Krupp Stellar) and Krupp's facility was taken under Comstar. It seems really weird that a company that literally appeared out of nowhere is retconned as being the developers of what is effectively the coolest running ER PPC in existence.

It bugs me, as the company literally does not seem to even exist prior to real life 2004 (and that's being generous, seems like it didn't exist prior to 2006) and has been retconned in. I know it's canon now but, it's like the 7-Up company releasing Coke Zero, and it tastes better than anything Coca-cola ever made and even maintains Coca-cola's unique bottle shape (Krupp's emphasis on barrels and barrel-related imagery and fluff).

Krupp produced all their stuff in house. Though 3050 left Lancelot out, however, as the Lancelot was not available anymore to non-comstar. TRO 3050-upgrade brings the original details back (2007), no mention of their newly invented company in regards to the Kinslaughter (missed opportunity there). Looking at Spartan's entry, it doesn't claim Martinson produced any of the weapons in house, in fact Kinslaughter as a word appears exactly once in the entire TRO, so only the Techmanual actually claims Martinson Armaments made it. --Koniving1 (talk) 02:30, 30 September 2019 (EDT)

In fact, as far as I can tell both Krupp Armaments and Martinson Armaments are in the same location Germany, Terra. Are they actually the same company under a new name, and the Techmanual / 2007+ TROs just using the new name? If so, why didn't they change the names for Lancelot's companies? TRO 3039 (2009) puts forth this story: Krupp's Mars facility was destroyed during the Amaris Coup. Luthien Armor Works obtained copies of the blueprints in the second succession war. They kept it in production. True. (Weapons changed, all Krupp equipment dropped and its physical appearance changed a bit in TRO 3025; in fact the TRO 3025 artwork is of higher quality than the TRO 3039). Effectively an identical story between the two. Then in 3050 Upgrade Krupp is producing them in house again with no explanation, producing them on Mars for the Blakists.

In comparison.. Krupp's Mars facility was destroyed during the Amaris Coup (true) and from there Comstar rebuilt the facility... which later puts Lancelots with the original weapons back into the field to fight the Clans. Krupp Stellar's parent company, Krupp Armaments, is in Germany, Terra. But in 3050 they're still Krupp. So a retcon saying Martinson Armaments also based in Germany, Terra developed the new weapon and used Krupp's Kinslaughter name is...uh... terrible in so many ways. Even worse, Martinson Armaments has ALSO been under Comstar control for the same length of time... And it ALSO has a Mars facility! It just strikes me as odd, and if it was like a real life legal reason to change the company name it isn't consistent enough, I can't help but think someone just created a new name for an existing plotline. My head hurts.--Koniving1 (talk) 02:50, 30 September 2019 (EDT)

Dude, Fictional shared-universe with about 100 known contributors and it started before we had things like wikis to help keep stuff straight. Relax, make a note of it and then don't think too hard about it.--Dmon (talk) 03:07, 30 September 2019 (EDT)