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Vagueness with Laser Insulator Construction Rules[edit]

The gameplay and construction rules listed on the page for the Laser Insulator are missing information regarding Mass/Tonnage, Critical Slots and Cost (in C-Bills), and whether it can be mounted on units which do not track heat (under normal circumstances, as well as a few other ambiguities. Examples:

  • If you could use it on a ProtoMech to reduce the number of heat sinks you needed to install for a weapon. If the laser insulator where mounted on the Arms or as a Main Gun, would the laser have somewhere to vent the heat since the insulation would only need to keep the heat away from the rest of the ProtoMech?
  • How would Laser Insulators interact with Armored Components (such as an Armored Pulse Laser), or with components that can explode (such as the RISC Hyper Laser)?
  • When mounted on a Binary Laser Cannon, is that one insulator, or two?

Amaroq Starwind (talk) 18:31, 19 March 2018 (EDT)