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  • So I was able to use all of the data from the components/planest/manufacturing centers index to update this page with data on planet production and companies that produce all the items. I've pasted in the Medium Laser data here. However, if you compare it to the previous version there is definately a difference in names between the two (some new, some missing). Nicjansma 20:13, 8 October 2006 (CDT)
    • Do you have any idea where the 'brand' data on this page comes from? Nicjansma 20:13, 8 October 2006 (CDT)
      • Quick answer: data files for HMPro. Rick compiled all this awhile ago; don't think he updates it with each new release. That would explain why there are so many new names. Long answer: that would have to come from Rick. I created files for him, but that wasn't until I joined for HMVee playtesting. --Revanche 22:59, 8 October 2006 (CDT)
    • Any problem with me updating all of the old information with this new table? Nicjansma 20:13, 8 October 2006 (CDT)
      • Can't imagine why anyone would. Do you have to wait until later weapon articles are built in order to add in their data? --Revanche 22:59, 8 October 2006 (CDT)
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The Medium Laser is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
Aberdovey Mk II Epsilon Eridani Kressly Warworks
Allied Technologies 2 Nirasaki New Age Systems Incorporated
Argra 1L New Samarkand New Samarkand Armor Works
Argra 3L Aix-la-Chapelle Diplan 'Mechyards
Argra 3L Luthien Defiance Motors
Blankenburg Terra Blankenburg Technologies
Bowie Electronics Terra Bowie Industries
Ceres Arms Capella Ceres Metals Industries
Ceres Arms St. Ives Ceres Metals Industries
ChisComp 38 New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs
ChisComp 39 New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs
Defiance B3M Coventry Coventry Metal Works
Defiance B3M Furillo Defiance Industries
Defiance B3M Hesperus II Defiance Industries
Defiance B3M Pandora Red Devil Industries
Defiance B3M Storfors J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated
Diplan M3 Luthien Defiance Motors
Diplass Optimax Apollo Diplass Technologies
Diverse Optics Type 2 Corey Hellespont Industrials
Diverse Optics Type 2 Lushann Lushann Industrials Limited
Diverse Optics Type 2 New Vandenburg Concordat Telecom and TransStellar
Diverse Optics Type 2 Sian Hellespont 'Mech Works
Diverse Optics Type 2 Sterope Sterope Defense Industries
Diverse Optics Type 14 Chahar Trellshire Heavy Industries
Diverse Optics Type 18 Alphard Marian Arms Incorporated
Diverse Optics Type 18 Chahar Trellshire Heavy Industries
Diverse Optics Type 18 Irian Diverse Optics Incorporated
Diverse Optics Type 18 Sterope Sterope Defense Industries
Diverse Optics Type 20 Kessel Diverse Optics Incorporated
Firefly Type II Apollo Roe Weapon Systems
Firmir Standard Betelgeuse Firmir Weaponry
Harmon Starclass Son Hoa StarCorp Industries
Hellion B-II Andurien Free Worlds Defense Industries
Hellion B-II Westover Free Worlds Defense Industries
Hellion Spitfire Terra Ford Military Limited
Hellion-V Andurien Bergan Industries
Hellion-V Andurien Brooks, Inc.
Hellion-V Irian Irian BattleMechs Unlimited
Hellion-V Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated
Hellion-V Kendall Bergan Industries
Hellion-V Kendall Brooks, Inc.
Hellion-V Shiro III Grumman Amalgamated
Hellion-V Trellisane Gutierrez Aerospace
Intek Asuncion Kallon Industries
Intek Arc-Royal TharHes Industries
Intek New Syrtis Johnston Industries
Intek Terra Leopard Armor
Irian Weapons Works Super 6 Irian Irian BattleMechs Unlimited
Irian Weapons Works Super 6 Kendall Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation
Kajuka Type 2 Bright Blossom Sian Saroyan Special Projects
Kajuka Type 2 Bright Blossom Texlos Kajuka (Aerospace Division)
Krieger Orestes Odin Manufacturing
Krieger Terra Pandora 'Mech Works
Krupp Model 2 Mars Krupp Stellar Technologies Inc.
Magna Mk II Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated
Magna Mk II Lopez Magna
Magna Mk II Mars General Mechanics
Magna Mk II New Valencia General Motors
Magna Mk II Shiro III Irian BattleMechs Unlimited
Magna Mk II Stewart Corean Enterprises
Magna Mk II Twycross Trellshire Heavy Industries
Martell Alshain Bergan Industries
Martell Corey Hollis Incorporated
Martell Delavan Dynamico Limited
Martell Fletcher Flame Tech
Martell El Dorado General Motors[1]
Martell Pinard Pinard Protectorates Limited
Martell Terra Skobel MechWorks
Martell Stewart Corean Enterprises
Martell Victoria Shengli Arms
Martell Wallis Ronin Incorporated
Martell Model 5 Canopus IV Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Maxell Chukchi III Maxell Metals Incorporated
Maxell TR Terra Bowie Industries
Maxell-UD6 Terra Caletra Fighters
Omicron 950 Terra Aldis Industries
Omicron 3000 Campbelton Fusigon Heavy Weaponry
Omicron 3000 Illiushin Vandenberg Mechanized Industries
Omicron 4000 Campbelton Fusigon Heavy Weaponry
OMI HighBurn New Earth New Earth Trading Company
Photech 806c New Avalon Corean Enterprises
Phototech 806c Terra StarCorps Industries
RAMTech 800 New Kyoto RAMTech
Rassal Blue-Beam Arcturus Arcturan Arms
Sapphire Terra Grumman Industries
Starflash Terra Leopard Armor
Starflash Terra Skobel MechWorks
Starflash II Amity Imstar Aerospace
Starflash II Atreus Imstar Aerospace
Starflash II Trellisane Grumman Amalgamated
Victory 23R Marduk Victory - (Norse BattleMech Works)

Inner Sphere[edit]

Type Used by Manufacturer Planet Reference
Marten Medium Laser HNT-171 Hornet Kallon Weapon Industries Talon (Wernke System) [2]

Just a spot for users to list weapon details as they are found so they can be slipped into the new format[edit]

I'll let you guys format these as you see fit but will contribute as often as possible.--Koniving1 (talk) 23:56, 28 September 2019 (EDT)

  • Harmon (Starclass?) medium laser as appears on Phoenix Hawk...

"The blast from his 8cm laser" (Wolves on the Border, Kindle version location 1412). Beam is ruby colored (Lethal Heritage Chapter 2 [Audiobook], same chapter as M100 MG reference so most likely Chapter 16 for paperback). In the same paragraph as the color of the beam, An Elemental wearing Elemental Battle Armor had some of his armor sear, tumbled and rolled over onto its face, but the elemental "struggling to his feet" and quickly "began to move without any difficulty."

  • Martell 6CM lens (Decision at Thunder Rift). Grayson's SHK-2H's Martell ML seems to hold up to the stress of repeated fire without proper cooling time and thus was fired at a rate faster than than Magna MK II (Marauder) and Intek (Crusader) lasers could handle, with shots still quite threatening. (from the Gray death trilogy as a whole; this is just a placeholder until I can get specific references). No model names in the first book and second just calls it a Martell. TRO 3025 original says it mounts a Martell model 5 [and the Locust whose laser behaves differently is not defined in the 2nd book of the trilogy but Martell is the one originally listed for Locust).
  • Martell Model 5 Medium Laser (Note this laser is distinct from the normal "Martel Medium Laser" "The Vindicator was caught in the red glare of its laser. The pulses deeply scarred the mech's rear armor." Wolves of the Border (kindle, location 1107). Locust is specifically mentioned to be carrying a Martell Model 5. Produced for Locust, Imp, Merlin (TRO 3058 Upgrade), and Ontos Heavy Tank mounts 8 of these.(TRO 3039).
  • Ceres Arms Laser - "Ruby light lanced out from the 5cm Ceres Arms laser" Wolves on the Border (Kindle, location 1140)
  • Aberdovey Mk III - Lasers on the -5V are more expensive than the much more common Martell Mediums, but considered the top quality available. (TRO 3025 std and revised.) Also mounted on the Beagle Hovercraft (which in turn is named after the Active Probe it was built to carry) manufactured by Numall Armored Vehicles TRO 2750(the hovercraft, uncertain if the weapon is built there or bought for it)
  • Russal Blue-beam (TRO 3075). Made by Acturan Arms for the Crossbow 6B and Crossbow 6C (TRO 3075) on Arcturus, weapon appears to be extinct or at least completely fallen out of use in 3049 (Master Unit List). (Assertion; it is exclusively made for one mech which, also, becomes extinct by 3050 with no entry at all for "late Succession Wars" just it exists in Early Succession Wars and then is extinct by the Clan Invasion. Also the brand/variant name is never used again). Blue laser (from the name). XTRO Primitives II implies issues with the lasers but then only slaps a penalty on the unnamed large laser.
  • Tronel II - Has an 8cm laser (Wolves of the Border, kindle version location 2450). Mounted on Ostol, (and several other machines)
  • Victory 23R - "With only one 5cm laser left in its offensive armament" Minobu's Dragon 1N, Wolves on the Border (Kindle, location 5668).
  • Argra 27C - Jenner Prototype. Has less spectral purity and a less rugged focal system compared to Argra 3L (JR7-D ML), TRO 3025. (Implies it has less range due to laser bloom) and is not as resistant to damage as the Argra 3L is).
  • Jackson Model 17 medium laser - Galleon 100. Galleon's producing company for the 100 is Brooks, Inc in TRO 3058 Upgrade but Sarna's page for Brooks isn't attributed with manufacturing the laser. Jackson appears to be a brand name, given that model 12 is a small laser, which is listed as being built by Ceres Arms and Norse Storm. Ceres is listed in both Objective Raids and Objective Raids Capella for producing the small laser Jackson model 12. Wyvern carries a Jackson Dart LRM launcher, so it definitely is a brand name (the only company mentioned there is the Maltex Corporation and they don't make any Jackson weaponry.
  • Diverse Optics Type 2 - also written Type II. One of the oldest lasers to exist still production in well beyond 3025(implied, TRO 3025 and Master Unit List showing that the models of Wasps). (Want to say its green based on a written lecture, but the author Sigil is responsible for detailed fan-materials and not considered canonical. Will have to look for novel proof of the specific color.)
Very much appreciated sir, this is exactly what I think is needed :-)--Dmon (talk) 06:40, 29 September 2019 (EDT)

Laser colors[edit]

While I'll have specific colors under the laser brand names as I find them, I thought this worth mentioning as a separate tidbit.

Laser colors.

  • Small lasers are uncertain.
  • Medium lasers are typically some shade of red with appearances of "Red", "Ruby" "Scarlet" as common ones. Other colors that have appeared include orange, sapphire (a shade of blue), and peridot (which oddly is a kinda dark yellow; I think it was used for the name for how the syllables paced the sentence rather than the specific shade of yellow).
  • Large Lasers are also colored, with notable mentions including green (most common), blue and cobalt (novels post 1995 by newer authors likely influenced by Mechwarrior 2), amethyst (a shade of purple), white (while I found out white lasers are real, this seems like very odd choice)

Colors by video game. Almost all Mechwarrior games and HBS Battletech from Mechwarrior 2 onward use red for small, green for medium and blue for large. However, the first Mechwarrior game used yellow as its laser colors and blue for PPC, though I recall a clip where a green color was used, gonna have to play it myself to get the full spectrum at the highest possible settings in case if the yellow-only pallet was a game setting.

The colors in the video games are not canon however so the only ones that matter are what ever we find in the fiction. It would be really nice if we can eventually pin down the color variance to specific models, unlikely but still... --Dmon (talk) 13:01, 29 September 2019 (EDT)
As it would be part of my MW5 mod to bring Battletech lore-based weapons into MW5 as the first step to creating a BT simulator, it naturally makes sense that I'll be working on that. Whatever ones I can't find after exhausting the sources I'll have to fill in. Sigil's in-character article found here while fan-fiction, has (in what I have found so far) been accurate when it comes to colors. As such in my mod plans I've used it as an early base, ticking off the ones I've confirmed and modifying any that are false (so far it's all matched up) in terms of colors (I haven't seen a color for Wasp's Diverse Optics II laser yet with a written down source). For some gaps I've found it interesting that if I look at infantry based lasers I find a trend for post-90s artwork. Magna MK II for example, on the only non-unseen-reseen monstrosity that I've found thus far, has artwork depicting horizontal slits. Then we turn to Magna_Laser_Rifle and there it shoots a wider than normal beam. Sadly, the novels don't really get into the technical details and much of the newer TROs try to stay away from fancy details. Anyways, will try to share other things as I can. I gotta say after trying Audible for Lethal Heritage, I've downloaded the rest of the Blood of Kerensky trilogy and I can really get into that.
  1. Technical Readout: 3075, p. 88
  2. Technical Readout: 3050, p.50-51