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Talon DropShip.png
Production information
Manufacturer Unknown
Use 'Mech Carrier
Type Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass ? tons
Structural Integrity ?
Length ? meters
Width ? meters
Height ? meters
Drive System ?
Safe Thrust ?
Max Thrust ?
Fuel (tons) ?
Fuel (days) ?
Armament 4x Large Lasers
4x ER Large Lasers
3x LRM-10s[1]
Armor Standard
Crew ?
Escape Pods/Life Boats ?
Heat Sinks ?
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) N/A


In the MechWarrior 4 computer game, the Talon-class DropShip used prominently by House Davion.

The vessels are portrayed as relatively small aerodyne spacecraft carrying a lance of BattleMechs.[2]


The Talon mounts four Large Lasers, four ER Large Lasers, and three LRM-10s.[1]


Although the Talon-class is portrayed as a lance-sized 'Mech carrier (i.e. four BattleMechs), a single Talon deploys at least five BattleMechs (the player's lance and Damon Squire) in Operation 6, Mission 4 - "Rescue Sister".

The Talon can accommodate its regular crew, plus pilots and techs for the vehicles carried.


No known variants of the Talon exist.



Being mentioned only in an apocryphal source, the MechWarrior 4 video game, the Talon must consequentially be considered apocryphal as well.


It has been suggested that the (apocryphal) Talon may be a variant or offshoot of the (fully canonical) Aurora class, because they are of similar size and visual appearance, and were both used on Kentares IV around the same time by House Davion. Official sources have neither confirmed nor denied this theory.


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