Talon (weapon)

This article is about the BattleMech weapon. For other uses, see Talon (disambiguation).


The Jade Falcons introduced the Talons in 3072.[1] Apparently inspired by their totem, Falcon Techs created a series of strengthened claw-like additions that could be placed on a 'Mech's legs. When kicking an enemy or performing a Death from Above attack, the Talons inflict more damage. These weapons have only been seen on a few experimental units.

The fact that the Falcons created a melee weapon is particularly puzzling given that, while not a violation of zellbrigen, physical attacks are looked on with extreme distaste by the Clans.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

When kicking or performing a Death from Above attack, a unit equipped with Talons multiplies the damage by 1.5, rounded to the nearest whole number (.5 rounds up). If a 'Mech equipped with Talons is also equipped with Triple Strength Myomer, the TSM bonus applies to kick attacks but not Death from Above attacks.[3] The Talons weigh 1 ton for every 15 tons of the 'Mech mounting them. They must be placed in all of a 'Mech's legs, and consume two critical slots.[4]


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