Talon Zahn

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At Age 52 in 3076
Talon Zahn
Character Profile
Born 17 January 3024[1][2][3]
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Rank Strategic Military Director (Sang-jiang-jun)

Talon Zahn was made the Strategic Military Director (Sang-jiang-jun) for the Capellan Confederation on 28 December 3057, the youngest in Capellan history. In this position, he controlled all of the CCAF except the Warrior Houses and Death Commandos.


Early Life to Operation Gurerro[edit]

Born on Ares, the young Talon Zahn would attend and graduate from the Ares MechWarrior Academy before entering service in the Stapleton's Grenadiers. Showing a talent for command, Zahn would attend Officer Candidate School at the Sian University, posted upon graduation to a command position in the 2nd Confederation Reserve Cavalry and eventually promotion to executive officer of the entire Capellan Reserves brigade.[1][2]

As the CCAF prepared to retake the worlds of the Federated Commonwealth's Sarna March in 3057, Zahn prepared a report for then Strategic Military Director James Teng advising that Stapleton's Grenadiers would not be able to capture Sarna. When Teng ordered the Grenadier to proceed anyway, only to be repulsed by the Kaifeng SMM, Grim Determination and the Sarna Martial Academy Cadre and allowing the world to join with Sakhalin and Kaifeng to create the Sarna Supremacy, Zahn sent the Strategic Director a simple message:[1][2]

Wo gão-su le ni (I told you so)[1][2]

Levelling a charge on insubordination against Zahn in the hopes of punishing the outspoken officer, Teng also hoped to bury his lack of attention to Zahn's report. Discovering the charge and Zahn's message when reviewing the Sarna Debarcle, an intrigued Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao ordered the Maskirovka to investigate further. Discovering the full story, it became clear the Zahn was suffering under officers more interested in protecting themselves and their positions than fulfilling the Chancellor's wishes. Quashing the charges, the Chancellor then proceeded to reward Zahn's honesty by including him in the strategy sessions for the remainder of the offensive.[1][2][4]

These sessions would prove the young and outspoken officer's uncanny knack for strategy and tactics as well as his refusal to back away from speaking out against poor decisions no matter the pressure. This was ably demonstrated when Zahn dared to flatly advise the Chancellor that reinforcing Nanking at the expensive of Zurich was a mistake, the Chancellor coming to appreciate the young officer forthright manner when he was proven right, Sun-Tzu naming him the new Strategic Military Director of the CCAF on 28 December 3057.[1][2][4]

Xin Sheng Campaign[edit]


When the Forbidden City on Sian was bombarded on the 7th of October 3068 by WarShips believed to be a part of Duke George Hasek's Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao was believed to have been killed; in response, Talon Zahn declared himself Military Regent of the Confederation as the CCAF rallied itself for a counterstrike against the Capellan March forces.[5]

Our unity is our strength. Our Chancellor is our will. These two things no army of men, or of BattleMechs, can ever deny. Though we may die this day, or the next, first, last, and always remember this: we are Capellan.

—Sang-jiang-jun Talon Zahn, CCAF Strategic Military Director, Capellan statewide address, 3072.[6]

Title & Possitions[edit]

Preceded by
James Teng
Strategic Military Director of Capellan Confederation
3057 – 3???

Succeeded by


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