Taman Malthus

Taman Malthus
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Star Colonel
Profession Elemental

Taman Malthus was an Elemental and officer in Clan Jade Falcon who was active during the Clan Invasion through the Jihad era.



Malthus first came to widespread attention during the so-called Year of Peace during the Clan Invasion. After the destruction of the Jade Falcon Guards on Twycross in 3050, the Bloodright of Adler Malthus, and indeed the entire Malthus Bloodhouse as a whole, were in disgrace, with saKhan Timur Malthus being forced to resign. When it became time to conduct a Trial of Bloodright for the legacy, all eligible MechWarriors declined to compete for it. Taman successfully claimed the Bloodname, though many warriors derided him for it, even some among his fellow Jade Falcon Elementals.[1][2] So complete was the Malthus disgrace that after the Battle of Twycross, Taman Malthus was the only member of House Malthus to remain active in the Inner Sphere for some time.[3]


It was thus unsurprising that Malthus, nominally a Star Captain in the 2nd Falcon Jaegers, was assigned to command the Falcon garrison on the newly conquered world of Alyina when the war resumed, a task which held little opportunity for glory or achievement.[4] During this time, Malthus was nominally under the command of Demi-Precentor Khalsa, the planetary administrator under the Clans' agreement with ComStar.[5]

When David Jewell, an AFFC soldier stranded on Alyina, escaped from a ComStar compound along with Doctor Deirdre Lear, Khalsa demanded that Malthus and his Elementals hunt the man down. Malthus correctly made many deductions about his target, among them that Lear had escaped with him of her own free will.[6][7] On 9 March, Malthus examined a body purported to be David Jewell that had been brought in by a local bounty hunter. Malthus was not only able to determine that the body was a fake, he was further able to discern that the ComStar agent present had engaged in corruption and had been tricked into allowing the real David Jewell to escape.[8] Malthus had his troops bid for the right to hunt Jewell down, a bid which the Elemental Corbin won. After Corbin was killed by Jewell, Malthus bid only his bare hands to kill Jewell and silencing all his subordinates who were including their battle armor in their bids.[9][10]

On 1 May, Malthus and his Elementals cornered Jewell and Lear at Tedesco Pass. Malthus honorably bargained with Jewell, promising he would not send Lear back to Khalsa and that if Jewell won, he, Lear and the AFFC prisoners would all go free. Though Jewell fought well, Malthus' superior physical abilities eventually started to win out, and he was on the verge of victory. During their fight, Khalsa and armed Com Guard troops suddenly appeared in a helicopter gunship, killing two of the Elementals in one of the opening moves of Operation SCORPION. Jewell was presumed killed, falling off the side of a cliff. Malthus, Lear, and the other Elementals (Locke and Slane) were captured.[11][12] Four days later, Jewell emerged alive and rescued Lear, Malthus and the surviving Elementals at Dove Costoso, with Malthus killing Khalsa through his cell bars. It was only then that Malthus learned that Jewell was, in fact, Kai Allard-Liao, destroyer of the Falcon Guards on Twycross. Malthus made an agreement with Allard-Liao to release the AFFC personnel if Allard-Liao helped defeat ComStar.[13][14][15] Allard-Liao worked well with Malthus and his two men, recovering the Gauss rifle from Yen-Lo-Wang and training Allard in the use of Elemental battle armor. They prepared for the assault with the assistance of historian Gus Michaels.[16][17] Joining forces, Malthus, Locke, Slane and Allard-Liao attacked the ComStar camp, freeing the prisoners and retaking control of the planet.[18][19] The four attackers survived the fight, but Gus Michaels apparently died after saving them.

In the aftermath, Malthus honored his agreement, regarding Kai Allard-Liao a superior warrior. Malthus' actions on Alyina helped to restore honor to the Malthus Bloodname.[20][21][22] Malthus' presence on Alyina prevented him from participating in the Battle of Tukayyid, but in the immediate aftermath of that conflict he was listed as being back with the 2nd Jaegers.[23]


As of 3055, Malthus held the rank of Star Colonel as commander of the 2nd Jaegers, and he continued to command the Alyina garrison. In September of that year, Malthus agreed to provide recharges to the Kell Hounds' JumpShips during the Red Corsair affair, an act he had been unwilling to perform for Wolf Clan Khan Phelan Ward. Malthus agreed to this out of respect to Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Allard of the Kell Hounds, the uncle of Kai Allard-Liao, whom Malthus considered a comrade.[24]

In April 3056, Malthus and a contingent of his Elementals, more precisely Locke and Slane, made plans to visit Kai Allard-Liao, now Solaris Grand Champion, during his title defense on Solaris. They were repeatedly delayed due to the bureaucracy of negotiating between ComStar and the Federated Commonwealth government. Allard-Liao, meanwhile, was facing a crisis instigated by his uncle, Tormano Liao. At Allard-Liao's request, Malthus and his troops launched a covert assault on Tormano's Mandrinn's Estate on Solaris, rescuing Deirdre Lear and the son she shared with Allard-Liao, David Lear. The Elementals, who had carried their armor with them, easily eliminated Liao's Free Capella guards even as they were about to execute Doctor Lear.[25] Meeting with Allard-Liao afterwards, Malthus reaffirmed their friendship and camaraderie, and praised his young son.[26]

Upon his return to the Occupation Zones, Malthus would speak of his time on Solaris VII with grudging admiration for the Solaris arenas, realizing they had more in common with the Clans' own Circle of Equals than most Clan warriors would care to admit.[27] Malthus apparently spoke freely among the Clans of Allard-Liao's reuniting with Doctor Lear, and their later marriage, as the rumor spread outside the Jade Falcon Clan.[28]

New Conflicts[edit]

When the Refusal War broke out in 3057, Malthus and his command were assigned to defend Devin. Khan Natasha Kerensky sent the Wolf Clan's 3rd Battle Cluster against the Jaegers and the 1st Striker Cluster in October. Extreme weather conditions plagued the conflict, with heavy winds and electrical storms causing havoc on both sides. The Jade Falcons would ultimately win despite horrendous losses.[29][30] On 2 January, 3058, Malthus was reportedly on Wotan when the Grand Kurultai met to elect a new ilKhan. When Vladimir Ward challenged Elias Crichell over the latter's qualifications as a warrior, Crichell attempted to summon Malthus to serve as his second. Ian Hawker of Clan Diamond Shark pointed out, however, that because Vlad had challenged Crichell's qualifications and not the vote, the newly made ilKhan was not entitled to a second.[31] In the aftermath of the conflict, the 2nd Jaegers were rebuilt, though it is indicated their experience level dropped a great deal due to the turnover in personnel.[32] Despite this, because of his past achievements, Malthus' new recruits were particularly loyal to him, eager to learn and obey.[33]

The 2nd Falcon Jaegers, led by Malthus, played a major role in Khan Marthe Pryde's incursion into the Lyran Alliance in 3058. In February, the Jaegers teamed with the 7th Falcon Regulars to crush the 22nd Skye Rangers on Engadine, using a combat drop to surround and stun the defenders.[34] In March, the Jaegers spearheaded the assault on Coventry, using a Pirate Jump Point and performing an combat drop, a tactic Malthus had specifically trained them in,[35] then pushing aside elements of the 10th Skye Rangers' 3rd Battalion to secure the spaceport for the additional Falcon units approaching the planet.[36] The Jaegers continued to distinguish themselves throughout the Coventry campaign, gaining valuable fighting experience.

In the aftermath of these conflicts, the 2nd Jaegers were regarded as one of the most active Clusters in the Jade Falcon touman, though their high turnover rate still rated them as a regular unit.[37] Around this time, the Jaegers adopted a new insignia in honor of Malthus' experiences, depicting an Elemental fighting beside a Centurion.[38] As of December 3059, the Jaegers had split their unit between Romulus and Seiduts.[39]

In 3062, the Jaegers were garrisoning Sudeten when they were attacked by the One-Eyed Jacks mercenary command. The Jacks wanted revenge on the Jaegers for the capture of the Blackjack School of Conflict years earlier. The mercenaries used numerous inventive and underhanded tactics and gave a good accounting of themselves, though the Jaegers inflicted heavy casualties on them before the Jacks withdrew.[40]

Despite their experience and the ability of Malthus, the Jaegers did not take part in the Falcon Incursion of 3064. By late 3067, Malthus remained in command of the 2nd Jaegers, who were at three-quarters strength and still based on Sudeten.[41]


When the Word of Blake Jihad began, it was not long before the Falcons attempted to take advantage of the situation. In June 3069, Malthus led a massive Falcon force, including elements of Iota, Mu, and Rho Galaxies in an attack on Graceland, where they faced the 1st Kell Hounds, commanded by Daniel Allard whom he had briefly met years earlier. The fighting stretched into July, as the Falcons abandoned zellbrigen, looking to overwhelm the mercenaries. Exposing the Hounds' command element to attack by three Clusters, Malthus personally engaged Allard in battle, killing the legendary mercenary commander. Akira Brahe took command of the Hounds, recovering Allard's body and withdrawing from the planet with the survivors.[42][43]

Taman Malthus' further career and death have not been chronicled. It is known that by 3085, he no longer held any listed command position in the Jade Falcon touman.[44] It may therefore be assumed that he was killed during the Jihad.

Malthus' exploits would continue to inspire the Falcons well after his time, and his genetic heritage would live on in generations of accomplished descendants.[45]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Taman Malthus was described as a very large and physically powerful individual, even by Elemental standards.[46] As a warrior, he was widely acknowledged as an accomplished fighter, and like most prominent Clan Elemental officers, Malthus was ranked elite in terms of skill.[23] Based on Elias Crichell's choice of Malthus, an Elemental, as his Champion, among all the other Falcons on Wotan, he must, by this time, have been considered one of the most distinguished warriors of the entire Clan.[31] Based on the "detective work" he conducted while hunting down Kai Allard-Liao on Alyina, he was highly intelligent and insightful, not allowing his arrogance to blind him to what his foe was doing, as many Clan commanders did while facing "freebirths".[7] Though certainly a Crusader in terms of his political views, his extraordinarily high opinion of Kai Allard-Liao after those events demonstrate that he could come to respect Inner Sphere opponents, though most could not meet the standard set by Allard-Liao.[21] His actions during the Clan Invasion and afterwards helped restore honor to House Malthus, which had gone from being one of the premier lines in Clan Jade Falcon to facing the abyss.[20] He was considered a celebrity by many in the Clans,[33] and his later career, though not fully chronicled, distinguished him as a hero of the Jihad.[45]



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