Tamar Marines

Tamar Marines
Formed Age of War
Disbanded ca. 2755
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command LCAF

The Tamar Marines brigade was the regional brigade associated with the Tamar Pact region of the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


The origins of the Tamar Marines lies with the Tamar Pact. Established either during or prior to the Age of War, the Tamar Marines were ultimtely a regional brigade of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces akin to the Skye Rangers or Donegal Guards, but which dwindled over time to a final strength of just two regiments by 2755. The end came for the Tamar Marines as a result of an accident by the Quartermaster's office of the LCAF, rather than in battle; with just the Sixth and Ninth Tamar Marines active, the Ninth was assigned briefly to defend a mining operation on Hesperus II owned by Defiance Industries, and as a part of the assignment was accidentally renamed the Ninth Hesperus Guards in a clerical error. Rather than simply undoing the error, a bizarre political conflict arose within the LCAF, with the LCAF instead choosing to form a new brigade - the Hesperus Guards - with responsibility for guarding the Hesperus system and nearby worlds.[1]

With the Hesperus Guards established, the Sixth Tamar Marines were also incorporated into the brigade as the Sixth Hesperus Guards, effectively deactivating or disbanding the Tamar Marines, marking the end of a brigade that predated the introduction of the BattleMech (the Sixth Tamar Marines having been the first regiment within the Marines to have been equipped with BattleMechs). Where the Ninth Tamar Marines took the reorganization badly, the Sixth largely took the change in its stride, and continued to fill the same role in the Hesperus Guards that it had in the Tamar Marines - acting as a highly-skilled cadre regiment, training inexperienced recruits prior to their redeployment to other commands.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Tamar Marines


Different per Unit.

Units of the Hesperus Guards[edit]


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