Tamaron 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-2.003 : 1856.994[e]
Spectral classM3V[1]
Recharge time204 hours[1]

System Description[edit]

Tamaron is located near the Strato Domingo and Kirin systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Tamaron I[edit]

Tamaron I
System positionFirst[1][9]
Jump Point distance2.67 days[1]
Surface gravity0.7[1][9]
Atmospheric pressureLow (Tainted)[1][9]
Equatorial temperature35°C[1][9]
Surface water40%[1][9]
Highest native lifePlant[9]
History and Culture
Population37,000,000 (3062)[9]
Government and Infrastructure
CapitalSan Mateo[10]

Tamaron I is a world located in the Kerensky Cluster in Clan space. It is best known for being the capital of Clan Coyote.

Planetary History[edit]

It was on this world that Clan Coyote invented the first OmniMech, the Coyotl.

Though Tamaron was once considered only marginally habitable, Clan Coyote has overcome its ecosystem and built a thriving culture on world. The World has served as Clan Coyote's capital for many years. They have jealously guarded this world since its discovery and colonization over two centuries ago, allowing no other Clan to lay claim there until the Wars of Possession.[11]

The Wars of Possession[edit]

In 3062, shortly after the Trial of Annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar and the Trial of Abjuration of Clan Nova Cat, Clan Coyote became distracted by several Trials of Possession for technology on Huntress and territory on Brim. In one of the final Trials, Clan Coyote's strategically and organizationally gifted Khan, Sullivan Koga, was killed attempting to claim former Smoke Jaguar scientists involved in ProtoMech development. Koga's death led to a series of Trials against her less popular successor, her perceived adversary Khan Silas Kufahl. Sensing weakness, elements of Clan Jade Falcon still stationed in the Clan Homeworlds attacked Tamaron. The assault landed nearly unopposed, and gained a foothold after fierce fighting. Within the first few days, they had captured the Landen 'Mech Production Complex. This assault united Clan Coyote under Galaxy Commander Raven Clearwater, who then launched a campaign that successfully drove all Jade Falcon troops from the world. Clearwater then positioned herself as proxy for all subsequent challenges to Kufahl, and despite narrowly losing to Kufahl herself for Khan of Clan Coyote, was voted saKhan for her actions.[12][13]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]

During the first years of the Wars of Reaving, Clan Coyote was initially content to build its touman and acquire technology as opportunities presented themselves. While Clan Coyote's enemies continued their gains, for instance Clan Star Adder's campaigns against Clan Blood Spirit, or the Second Babylon Diet held by Clan Cloud Cobra, Silas Kufahl directed his Watch operatives to search for opportunities to strengthen his Clan.[14]

In early 3069, the Coyote Watch became aware of Clan Fire Mandrill's research into a new armor type capable of a weaponized electric discharge, to be used in anti-'Mech swarming attacks. Kufahl understood the fractious nature of Clan Fire Mandrill might allow for relatively easy access to the technology, for instance by Trial of Absorption or playing upon the ambitions of a lesser Kindraa. Kufahl found a willing trade partner in Kindraa Mattila-Carrol. The Kindraa and Clan Coyote conducted a series of Trials of Possession, with the Kindraa expanding its ranks of Warriors nearly 50% with freshly blooded Coyotes, while Clan Coyote gained access to a new enclave on Shadow, the resident scientist caste assigned to their new enclave, a prototype of the new armor, and five generations of genetic material (but without access to the Bloodname) for the Carrol legacy. The exchange led to months of Trials, in which Clan Coyote successfully defended its new Possessions and severely mauled some of Clan Fire Mandrill's most powerful Kindraa.[14]

In spite of these early gains, Clan Coyote decided to not nurse their victories, but instead launched a dezgra scientist-caste rebellion. In preparation for their involvement, Clan Coyote stripped nearly all of their units except for naval assets from the Tamaron system by August 3071,[15] leaving surface defense and industry to the Society until defensive preparations were assumed by saKhan Clearwater after the death of Khan Kufahl.[16][17][18] With Clan conflict embroiling the rest of the Kerensky Cluster, the relative quiet of Tamaron allowed the Society to continue with their research, producing innovations like the ProtoMech Fusillade system[19] and large scale production of the ProtoMech Magnetic Clamp System.[20]

Their close association with the Society also allowed the Coyotes strategically vital access to HPG communication in many of their enclaves, including Tamaron, though September, 3072.[21] With growing evidence of their complicity in the Society uprising, Clan Star Adder launched their Gamma Naval Reserve Star to Tamaron, arriving on 18 October, 3072. Composed of the CSA Black Adder, the CSA Centaur, the CSA Divine Conquest, and the CSA Eagle, all but the Centaur were destroyed near the Zenith jump point, which was defended by the CCS Ancestral Home, the CCS Rage, ten Stars of aerospace fighters, assault DropShips, and a newly constructed Olympus-class station, the "Steppes." The Centaur was granted safcon at the end of the battle.[22]

However, not all Coyote forces backed the Society, with some elements refusing to mobilize unless the operation directly benefited the Clan. As the Society uprising began to stall or be thwarted, Coyote elements began to challenge Society forces. Ultimately, this is the primary reason Clan Coyote was not destroyed utterly during the Wars of Reaving.[23] saKhan Clearwater was part of this minority, Trialing against the election of the Society-aligned Elliot McKibben as new Khan after the death of Silas Kufahl at the hands of ilKhan Andrews in August 3072,[18] and spent the next two years preparing Tamaron's defense for eventual onslaught.[17]

By mid-3074, Clan Steel Viper decided to end the uprising by taking Tamaron from Clan Coyote. Once communications were restored within Clanspace, either on planet or using sentry JumpShips with HPG communications, ilKhan Brett Andrews assembled most of the Steel Viper touman on Strana Mechty, including nearly all of the Clan's naval assets and six Galaxies of forces. The armada arrived by non-standard jump point over Tamaron on 7 December 3074, and were opposed by two naval stars and a complex SDS system. fortified by the CSV Perigard Zalman, which had dominated Clanspace for more than half a decade, the Coyote fleet was systematically destroyed over the course of the next week, while the SDS and shipyards were engaged outside its optimal range. However, toward the climax of the naval battle, the CCS Ancestral Home engaged the Zalman at point-blank range, then destroyed the ship in a suicide attack by engaging its damaged Kearny-Fuchida Drive and tearing the hull of the Zalman in half. The rest of the Coyote fleet was slowly destroyed or force to surrender, and was only able to marginally aide with bombardment of invading Steel Vipers on the surface. he CCS Great Coyote Spirit was the last vessel to surrender.[23][24]

As the battle unfolded in orbit of Tamaron, Clan Steel Viper landed on planet with moderate losses from defense batteries and aerial ProtoMechs. Alpha Galaxy was first to consolidate, staging approximately 200 km South of the capital, San Mateo, with the other five Galaxies deployed to centers of vital strategic importance. In the course of the fighting, Delta, Epsilon, Lambda and Rho Galaxies were destroyed defending targets on the surface, with the last elements of Epsilon destroyed in a planned ambush set for Alpha Galaxy (but sprung against Clan Steel Viper's Zeta Galaxy in the outskirts of San Mateo. The operation had come at a high price, though, with Delta, Nu, and Rho Galaxies also having been destroyed. With the capital now surrounded, ilKhan Andrews offered a batchall for the remainder of the planet, which was accepted by Khan McKibben and saKhan Clearwater. ilKhan Andrews and saKhan Boyle Grimani fought Khan McKibben and saKhan Clearwater in Founder's Park in the middle of San Mateo, with the Viper Khans returning victorious. With their defeat, all Coyote Warriors were ordered to disarm and surrender to a prison camp in Ute City, or be shot on sight.[24]

In the aftermath of the Steel Viper conquest, a moratorium was placed on all fighting until the Grand Council of the Clans could convene two months later in February 3075. There, the Council ordered Clan Coyote to purge its Scientist Caste, including the survivors found on Priori, Ironhold, Glory, and Tamaron, which was completed by 30 April. Additionally, each Coyote Warrior not explicitly shown to aide the Society would have to prove their innocence by Trial of Refusal or "Trial of Cleansing" or "Coyote Trials," completed by mid-April.[25] Still, Tamaron would now be tainted in the eyes of the surviving Coyotes, and partially abandoned by the Coyotes by 3077.[23][26]

Military Deployment[edit]


Clan Coyote




Planetary Locations[edit]

  • San Mateo: the planetary capital[10]
  • Founder's Park: a large park within San Matteo[10]
  • Ute City: a large city on the western edge of the Dustland[10]
  • Dustland: a large desert[10]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Notable Species[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (9 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Strato Domingo 26.9 Kirin 29.2 Londerholm 43.2 Hellgate 44.5
Barcella 45.0 Hoard 47.2 Priori 49.4 Delios 54.1
Vinton 56.0 Grant's Station 68.3 Roche 71.1 Paxon 72.4
Gatekeeper 80.3 Albion 80.8 York 85.1 Marshall 89.6
Brim 91.3 Tiber 93.6 Strana Mechty 95.6 Zara 96.1


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