Tancredi IV Prefecture

History & Description[edit]

The Tancredi Prefecture was one of the administrative regions that comprised the New Samarkand Military District of the Draconis Combine.[1]

The Prefecture was created in or prior to 3145 following the DCMS's conquest of several Federated Suns worlds in the mid-3140s. All of the Prefecture's worlds were relatively recent additions to the Combine, being part of the Federated Suns for centuries prior. Some, including the capital Tancredi, had been annexed by the Combine a few decades earlier around the time of the Victoria War, while those of the Dragon's Tongue were seized in the drive towards New Avalon following the Battle of Palmyra.[2] [1] [3]

Prefecture Commanding Officers[edit]

Position Rank Name
Kirchbach Prefecture Commanding Officers
CO Tai-sho Andrej Brunet[1]
Aide Tai-sa Kingoro Tojo[1]

Military Deployment[edit]


Six BattleMech Regiments[1]

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