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Tancredi Loyalists

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Tancredi Loyalists
Tancredi Loyalists
Formed 2540[1]
Affiliation Federated Suns
Parent Command AFFS

The Tancredi Loyalists were originally the Tancredi Warriors Brigade, lead combat formation of the Draconis March prior to the Davion Civil War, and were renamed after the Civil War because of their loyalty to the First Prince. The Tancredi Loyalists were evidently destroyed during the Succession Wars.


Age of War[edit]

The origins of the brigade known as the Tancredi Loyalists began with the colonization of the world of Tancredi IV by the descendants of Terran North American aborigines in the late twenty-fourth century. Tancredi IV was subject to commercial investment and exploitation after the true extent of the resources on the planet became known, but the local population had settled the world with the intention of returning to their cultural roots and continued to maintain their culture and traditions. This resulted in the development of a highly martial society with a strong warrior culture that believed in proving their measure through both physical feats and combat, which in turn led to the founding of a strong planetary defense force.[2]

When Tancredi joined the Federated Suns the quality of the planetary defense force led to it forming the core of what would become the Draconis March's combat brigade. That brigade - named the Tancredi Warriors Brigade - would serve the Draconis March Principality up to the Davion Civil War.[2]

Davion Civil War[edit]

When First Prince Alexander Davion led his forces into the Draconis March in 2531 to deal with Prince Laura Davion - one of this two aunts, both of whom had attempted to usurp the title of First Prince - the greater part of those personnel within the Tancredi Warriors Brigade who were natives of Tancredi IV declared for Alexander; the aid those forces gave Alexander was substantial, and Alexander recognized their loyalty by renaming the Tancredi Warriors Brigade the Tancredi Loyalists. All four surviving regiments of the Tancredi Warriors Brigade were incorporated into the Tancredi Loyalists and would continue to serve throughout the Age of War and into the era of the Star League.[2]

The Star League[edit]

The Tancredi Loyalists continued to enjoy a high status within the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns throughout the Star League era, despite the capital of the Draconis March relocating from Tancredi IV to Robinson, former capital world of the Terran March. Despite the relocation of the capital the members of the Tancredi Loyalist regiments continued to hail almost universally from either the population of Tancredi or were graduates of the Tancredi War College.[2]

Noted for their continuing loyalty to the Federated suns as a whole, the Tancredi Loyalists were perpetually understrength throughout the Star League era, in part because of internal self-policing policy practiced by the various regiments. The warrior culture on Tancredi didn't allow for tolerating weakness, and a lack of morale was considered to be a crippling weakness; anything that pulled a regiment down was dealt with internally immediately, sometimes in an extreme fashion. The AFFS turned a blind eye to these practices because of the skill and experience of the Loyalists.[2]

Highly skilled at small-unit operations, the Loyalists were fast, lightweight units skilled at rapid movement and lightning attacks, but their abilities and performance suffered when forced to deploy at battalion-strength or greater.[2] The Tancredi Loyalists appear to have been destroyed or disbanded during the Succession Wars and the brigade was inactive by 3025.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Tancredi Loyalists


Different per Unit.

Units of the Tancredi Loyalists[edit]

Colors and Unit Insignia[edit]

There were no official brigade parade colors for the Tancredi Loyalists; instead, the units within the brigade used camouflage schemes and patterns appropriate to the theaters they were deployed in.[2]


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