Radulov (Tanis 2600)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates-57.373 : 1603.16[e]
Star names1
Spectral classF3V[1]
Recharge time174 hours[1]

System Description[edit]

The Tanis system is where the so-called Tanite Worlds were settled. It contains four planets: Alexandra, Stacha, Tanis, and Talbot. Tanis is located in the Deep Periphery, near the Pentagon Worlds.[1]

Political affiliation[edit]

System positionFirst[1]
Jump Point distance16.10 days[1]
Surface gravity0.9[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature22°C[1]
Surface water70%[1]
History and Culture
Population185,000 (3072)[1]
System positionSecond[1]
Jump Point distance17.36 days[1]
Surface gravity1.1[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature28°C[1]
Surface water70%[1]
History and Culture
Population493,000 (3072)[1]
System positionThird[1]
Jump Point distance19.48 days[1]
Surface gravity0.7[1]
Atmospheric pressureLow (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature35°C[1]
Surface water50%[1]
History and Culture
Population642,000 (3072)[1]

System History[edit]

Of the four planets in the Tanis system only Talbot was inimical to human life, being a massive gas giant located close to the edge of the system. The system was first discovered by humans in 2494 by Albert Radulov, a deep space explorer employed by the Rigelian Collective. He promptly named the system Radulov, but was subsequently convicted of interstellar fraud, and the details of the location of the Radulov system and the survey information on its worlds gathered by his expedition were promptly lost for several decades as a result.[1]

Kylie Tanis, granddaughter of Albert Radulov, rediscovered the lost system data in 2576. Kylie was a strident dissenter against the Pollux Proclamation issued by First Lord Ian Cameron, and she decided to gather together more than one and a half thousand like-minded dissenters from the Draconis Combine and Lyran Commonwealth and set off for the Radulov system.[1]

Tanis' colonization expedition arrived in the Radulov system in 2600, but Kylie Tanis had died two jumps prior to their arrival; the colonists chose to rename the system to Tanis in honor of their leader and founded their first colony settlement on Stacha. The settlement was named Markham, and was soon beset with problems. Ravaged by a series of pandemics, the first decade was very hard for the colonists, and when a second colony expedition arrived in 2670 they discovered that only four hundred and fifty colonists were still alive. With the infusion of new blood the colony was soon growing, and by 2750 was far enough along the road to recovery that the colonists had founded a second colony, Khartoum.[1]

By 2850 all three habitable worlds within the Tanis system supported colonies, all of which were linked in a symbiotic relationship that met all of the system's needs. As a result, the Tanites developed no contacts with outside systems and had mothballed or repurposed their supplies of military equipment.[1]

Clan Cloud Cobra discovered the Tanis system in 2965 and immediately set out to conquer it. Completely outclassed and outgunned, the Tanites had no realistic means to fight back and were swiftly conquered, leaving the Cloud Cobras with three successful Star League-era colonies that were self-sufficient and had basic infrastructure in place, but which were populated by a population determined not to assimilate.[1]

The Tanites initially opposed the Cloud Cobras via passive resistance, stopping services, allowing elements of the infrastructure to develop mechanical problems and slowing production at their various factories and facilities. The Cloud Cobra warrior caste reacted in a belligerent fashion, destroying the city of Placard and killing the five hundred thousand Tanites living there. Despite this genocidal act the Tanites continued to refuse to assimilate, leaving the Cloud Cobras facing the prospect of having to annihilate the colonists.[1]

In 2995 a rebel group on Alexandra acquired enough weapons to rise up, capturing the main planetary starport and declaring Alexandra a free world. The Cloud Cobras responded with a two-year campaign that involved almost half the Cloud Cobra touman, but which still could not subdue the Tanites, who were prepared to die rather than assimilate.[1]

Peace came to the Tanis system when leaders from the labor and merchant castes of Clan Cloud Cobra came to an agreement with the Tanites in 2997 that saw the Cloud Cobras officially declared the owners of the system, but agree to leave only a light guard, in exchange for allowing the Tanite worlds to govern and operate themselves as they had before while producing the resources and products demanded by the Cloud Cobras. This staved off the complete genocide of the Tanite population, and the apparent worthlessness of the Tanite worlds saw the Cloud Cobras officially remain the uncontested overlords of the Tanis system until the Wars of Reaving.[1]

In practice, output from the Tanite worlds was constantly low, and in 3004 the Cloud Cobras implemented heavy sterilization protocols on the populace. The combination of isolation and self-governance saw the Tanite worlds become a haven for the Dark Caste. Although the system would change hands between the Cloud Cobras, Clan Burrock, and Clan Star Adder, the Tanite leaders maintained the appearance of subservience while continuing to expand the influence of the Dark Caste and later The Society on the Tanite worlds. In the aftermath of the Battle of Tukayyid a flotilla of three WarShips belonging to Clan Smoke Jaguar jumped into the Tanis system and demanded repairs and servicing from the Cloud Cobra recharging station in place in the system. In-system at the time was Star Admiral Hollyann Kardaan and a portion of the Cloud Cobra Alpha Reserve; Admiral Kardaan led the Liberator-class CCS Incense and four of her six assault DropShips against the Smoke Jaguar forces. The engagement lasted ten minutes before the Smoke Jaguar commander conceded defeat and accepted an offer of hegira, leaving a Fredasa-class corvette and two new Miraborg-class DropShips as isorla for the victorious Cloud Cobra forces. In 3062 the CCS Perdition's Flame was the only Fredasa in service with the Cloud Cobras, making it likely—but not certain—that she was the corvette won at Tanis.[3] After the absorption of the Burrocks the Tanite leadership threw their lot in with the shadow leadership of the Burrocks and their plans for the rebirth of their Clan.[1]

The reborn Clan Burrock's newborn Zeta Galaxy, formerly Clan Star Adder's Upsilon Galaxy, ambushed the Ice Hellion Beta Galaxy at the DS-822 waystation in 3072, heavily damaging their escorting WarShip and waylaying three of their five JumpShips.[4] During early 3073, the Galaxy split itself into three task forces, each with WarShip support, and set about a campaign of raiding the fringes of the Kerensky Cluster and outposts on the Exodus Road, destroying all HPG stations within fifty light years of the Tanis system. The Galaxy fought two major space battles against Clan Diamond Shark in the Salonika system, capturing forty-eight merchant vessels.[5]

At the end of the Wars of Reaving, the Tanites actions in throwing their lot with the Burrocks backfired. In late 3074, the remains of Zeta Galaxy were on Tanis, where they were destroyed by orbital bombardment by Clan Star Adder forces.[6]

Military Deployment[edit]



Planetary Description[edit]

The innermost world of the Tanis system, Alexandra has large underwater mountain ranges forming a number of long island chains, and almost three quarters of the planet was covered in water. The water itself contained large quantities of arsenic, and Alexandra became home to the majority of the Tanite mining industry and the main heavy factory complex for the system. The factory complex would later be converted to military use.[1]


Planetary Description[edit]

Locked into an elliptical path roughly opposite to the world of Tanis and at approximately the same proximity from the system star, Stacha was a world suitable for widespread agriculture. The first world in the system to be colonized, Stacha had large swaths of plains and was planted with vast agricultural crops by the citizens of Khartoum, the second colony founded in the system. The original colony, Markham, was the site of the largest spaceport in the system, along with a number of small factories and repair bays, making Stacha an important part of the Tanite shipping network and infrastructure.[1]


Planetary Description[edit]

Tanis was half-covered with water and provided most of the freshwater used by the population of the three colony worlds. The three major colonies on Tanis were Mockva Central, Punjabi and Yule; Yule was surrounded by pastureland and Punjabi was the center of a large number of fisheries, but Mockva Central was the site of most of the Tanite industry. Outside of the three major colonies were numerous small family compounds, generally numbering less than a hundred people and dotted across the main continent. The major settlements and their outlying supply stations were all connected by broad, raised track beds that were laid down with great precision, running laser-straight between destinations; visible from orbit, these track beds gave Tanis an unusual geometric visual texture.[1]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (1 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Arcadia 58.6 Babylon 66.2 Circe 66.2 Dagda 74.9
Eden 76.8 Fasa 89.7 Shadow 156.9 Foster 165.0
Lum 167.2 Brim 168.6 Ironhold 175.6 Gatekeeper 179.6
Atreus 184.0 Strana Mechty 187.5 Huntress 187.9 Albion 189.1
EC821-387D 196.3 Zara 197.1 York 204.3 Niles 204.6


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