Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Carrack


The Taniwha was a Carrack-class transport and was one of three such WarShips to be active within the Clan Sea Fox touman at the time. Serving within the Fox Khanate of Clan Sea Fox in 3145, the Taniwha was home to Delta Aimag, under the overall command of ovKhan Sena Clarke.[1]

The provenance of the Taniwha and her sister vessels, the CSF Coriolis[1] and CSF Tethys[2] is uncertain. Clan Diamond Shark was only known to be operating three Carracks prior to the Wars of Reaving, and those three were all reported to have been destroyed - the CDS Bloodletter in 3070 by the Clan Steel Viper flagship CSV Perigard Zalman in the Clan Homeworlds,[3] the CDS Star Swimmer at the hands of the resurgent Clan Burrock during the Sharks' exodus from the Homeworlds in 3072[4] and the CDS Devourer in an accident above Twycross in 3084.[5]


In the past, Carracks that had been converted to the Merchant Carrack variant were included in some publications but then later excluded from later publications on the grounds that they were not used as offensive weapons:

It is not a WarShip per say, so it is not included in the rolls of offensive weapons. Same with the Clan Merchant Carracks, they were removed because they should never had been included in the first place. But Clan Nova Cat does have some merchant Carracks left, even if they have no proper WarShips.

With regards, Øystein

  — Øystein Tvedten, BattleTech Line Developer, 13 Jan 2012

In this instance, Field Manual: 3145 makes a distinction between those Carracks and Merchant Carracks serving within the various Sea Fox Khanates, leaving the origin of this ship a mystery.


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