Tanya Kerensky

Tanya Kerensky
Character Profile
Died 1 September 2604
Affiliation Star League
Profession Sergeant

Tanya Kerensky was a Sergeant in the personal guard of First Lord Nicholas Cameron. The Kerensky family was awarded the hereditary title of Defender of the First Lord after Tanya lost her life protecting him.[1]


Sergeant Tanya Kerensky defended Nicholas against a bottle thrown by Draconis Combine Coordinator Leonard Kurita during the fall 2604 session of the High Council. Coordinator Leonard Kurita was drunk and blaming the First Lord for hiding his Kurita heirs. After launching into a tirade about various issues, he threw his half empty bottle at Nicholas.[1]

The bottle hit Tanya Kerensky who instinctively shot the out-of-control Coordinator, superficially wounding his arm. Before she could react, Leonard Kurita stabbed her using a concealed dagger and she died before help could arrive.[1]

To show his gratitude for her bravery, Nicholas awarded the hereditary title Defender of the First Lord to the entire Kerensky family line.[1]


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