Tara Campbell

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Tara Campbell.jpg
Tara Campbell
Born December 3104
Affiliation House Campbell
Rank Legate of Northwind
Title(s) Countess of Northwind[1]
Parents Jon Campbell (father)
Moelene Jaffries (mother)
Siblings A sister[1]

Tara Campbell (born 3104[2]) was the daughter of Colonel Jon Campbell and Senator Moelene Jaffries. She was born "off-world" (on Terra) but she grew up on Northwind, attending the Northwind Military Academy. She is described as attractive at a petite 155cm. She has spiked, platinum-blond hair[3], blue eyes, and a fair complexion.[4][1]


During her first five years, either his father or her mother traveled to Northwind with her. She got a sister 3109 and her mother decided to step down from the Senate and his father to retire to be more with their family. The family retired to their hereditary estates and titles as Count and Countess of Northwind.[1]

Early Life[edit]

At six, she was the youngest child ever to be accepted into the Republic's Diplomatic Youth Corps, drawing posters and assisting in fundraisers after any natural disasters.[1]

During the Capellan Crusades, she lost an uncle at Burton Davion's Last Stand, and she was one of a hundred volunteers to record several messages that were played over the Armed Forces Radio Band. She was put forward as the DYC poster child in 3113 to encourage others to volunteer their time and earn their citizenship.[1][5]

When her mother died in 3115 and her father returned to active duty, Tara and her younger sister became army brats.[1]

She opted for one of Northwind's military prep schools for her secondary education, and in 3121 for the MechWarrior Northwind Military Academy, it raised very few eyebrows. Only a few years behind the well-known Katana Tormark, she worked toward any cadet record Tormark ever set and broke nearly half of them, including small-arms marksman and, more unusual for her petite size, best finish in the entire history of the Academy's martial arts competition. In 3124, she led the Highlander Cavalry cadet corps, which barely missed stealing away honors from Tormark's Dragon's Fury corps for the Pass In Review ceremony at the end of the year. She graduated a year early, as had Tormark, but declined to stay on as an instructor. She was instead posted to the First Kearny Highlanders line unit under the command of Colonel Emil Wallace.[1]


She did not languish under Wallace's command, but neither did she flourish at first. Until 3127, her military career was noted as merely competent.[1]

During a combat drop against Black Dragon pirates, Colonel Wallace suffered a BattleMech malfunction, and it was Tara who step up into command of the operation with a masterful strategy that saved the Colonel's life, threw the pirated off Sadalbari and crushed an entire company of the pirates, even capturing one of their DropShips.[1]

Her efforts on Sadalbari earned her the nickname, the "Angel of Sadalbari", and after that, there was rarely a month during the next two years without an article covering her current post and tastes in fashion.[6][1]

Prefect of Prefecture III[edit]

She acceptanced the post as Legate to Northwind in 3129 but declined the post of Prefect of Prefecture III in favor of the more experienced Duchess Katana Tormark.[7][1]

She was finally promoted to Prefect of Prefecture III when Tormark renounced the Republic and founded the Dragon's Fury. Before switching allegiances to the Combine, Campbell had valued Tormark so much that her treason would even haunt the new Prefect in her dreams.[7]

After the passing of her parents, she became the Countess of Northwind as well as the Commanding Officer of the Northwind Highlanders.

Fortress Republic[edit]

Once Fortress Republic was enacted, Tara took whatever forces she had that were outside of the Fortress walls and arrived within the territory of the Remnant on Callison. The Highlanders along with Kristoff Erbe's Knights have built a strong force for the defense of the values of the Republic.[5]


Elements of the First Kearny would end up engaged in fighting an invasion of Northwind itself, by Steel Wolves, a Clan-oriented splinter group, twice. Over the course of nine months (first in June 3133 and in February 3134) with minimum resources, Campbell and the elements of the regiment would end up fighting off two takeover attempts by the Steel Wolves and its uncanny leader, Galaxy Commander Anastasia Kerensky. Despite betrayal of Paladin Ezekiel Crow, the Highlanders succeeded, mounted what amounts to a counterattack to stop Steel Wolves from its next destination, which would soon be found out as Terra. The First Kearny with the rest of the available Northwind Highlanders Tara Campbell could muster, end up fighting off Steel Wolves with the Tenth Principes Guards on the fields of former Nation-State of Russia in April.

As the CO of the Highlanders, she has led the defense of her homeworld twice against Anastasia Kerensky and her Steel Wolves.


She participated also in the defense of Terra from Anastasia Kerensky and her Steel Wolves.

After Terra[edit]

She has defended multiple Republic planets from multiple threats that wish to tear apart the very fabric of what she believes in from the cockpit of her trusted Hatchetman.


The regiment would continue to be stretched for a few more months until they would be requested to muster on Skye, where they would face threat of invasion by Clan Jade Falcon. They would need to dig in and help build clever strategies as they faced elements of multiple Galaxies of troops after the Clan had captured a number of Prefecture VIII and IX worlds. The regiment, along with other coalition forces (including Steel Wolves) would manage to repulse the Falcon's first invasion in August 3134, however they would be forced to withdraw from Skye failing to fight off the second attack.[8][9]


Tara Campbell was nearly captured by forces from Clan Jade Falcon on Galatea in 3144; the Duchess had been cut off by Jade Falcon Elementals on two flanks during a particularly brutal battle outside Galatean City when a scratch battalion of Republic Remnant forces consisting largely of battle armor and JI2A1 Attack APCs surprised the Jade Falcons. Striking from the Falcons' rear, the Republic Remnant forces killed a number of Elementals using tandem-charge missiles – one noted gunner on a JI2A1, Sergeant Bryan Charles accounted for three Falcon Elementals single-handedly – before launching a savage battlesuit-to-battlesuit clash that gave the Duchess time to escape.[10]


Tara Campbell piloted a Hatchetman most of her career, until she was forced to self destruct it in the second battle of Skye against the Clan Jade Falcon. Later, she piloted an Atlas borrowed from Paladin David McKinnon.[11]. After returning to Terra, she received a new Hatchetman, which she piloted in the battle of Terra against senator forces.[12]. Currently she pilots a BLR-4S-A BattleMaster which she has named "Caber".[13]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Katana Tormark
Prefect of Prefecture III
3131 – 3???

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Jon Campbell
Countess of Northwind

Succeeded by


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