Tatiana Steele

Tatiana Steele
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Profession Khan

Tatiana Steele (born 29?? - died ????) was a Khan of Clan Coyote during the Political Century. She would be faced with the decision to Annihilate part of her Clan during what would become known as the Blood Scandal.[1]


With few details to go on, the life of Tatiana Steele prior her to becoming Khan of Clan Coyote remains a mystery equal to that of most other Clan warriors. When pushed to the wall, she would not hesitate to call for the total eradication of her enemies within the Clan - and more - had the clout to make her decision final.[1]

Great Coyote Debate[edit]

During the long build up to the eventual invasion of the Inner Sphere, few Clans were free of the great Warden versus Crusader debate. In Clan Coyote, the division was nearly even, with a Crusader movement that was centered around several conservative Bloodname Houses. When a saKhan (who is unnamed in her Clan's history) who was also leader of the Rosanske Bloodname House was unseated as saKhan in favor of a Warden named Gunnar Koga, her bitterness boiled to the surface and manifested as a hate for the Warden leadership of her Clan. Using her own political capital, this unnamed Crusader Coyote arranged to receive help in unseating the Wardens, help that would come from outside her Clan. Clan Star Adder's saKhan, Carson Graves made a pledge to aid her and her cause when the time was right. What she did not know was that saKhan Graves was secretly setting her Clan up to be Absorbed by Clan Star Adder, an act he would likely have engineered with his evidence of the Coyote's political state.[1][2]

Treason's High Cost[edit]

It would not take long for Khan Steele to learn of the treachery that surrounded her. Her many contacts throughout the Clans reported back to her the details. In a marathon closed meeting of the Coyote Clan Council, she would call for and receive the Annihilation of all the conspirators, be they leaders or simply followers. The warriors of the eight implicated Bloodname Houses - totaling nearly 2,000 warriors and their offspring - were all executed, and legacies destroyed to cleanse the Clan of their taint. She would also call down a Reaving on the eight Bloodname Houses, effectively Annihilating them. The memory of those brave warriors of the guilty Bloodname Houses from the Clan's past were unaffected, and their places in history secure, though their genetic lines would be ended. None of those executed would be remembered by name, and no more would the future contain any of the legacies of the guilty eight Bloodlines. She would issue the news of the events, as well as her verdict, to all members of her Clan. Her resolution is still today etched in all Coyote common areas, right next to General Order 137 for all to see.[1][2]

"We did not wish to do what we have done. But the guilty chose their own destiny, and forced us to act. The seriousness of the crimes committed demanded justice, of a kind that will prevent such things from ever occurring again."

--(Excerpt) Transcript of a transmission by Khan Tatiana Steele...[3]

Once Khan Steele felt that her Clan was cleansed, she would present her evidence to Khan Eamon Phoushath of Clan Star Adder while pressing attacks on multiple Star Adder held worlds.[4] Khan Phoushath would confront his saKhan and challenge him to a Trial of Grievance before turning him over to Clan Coyote for justice. Khan Tatiana Steele would destroy the legacy of Carson Graves before executing him in front of her Clan's Council. She would further demand that Khan Phoushath Annihilate the entire Graves Bloodline, but he refused. This incident would be the source of a feud between the two Clans for some time to come.[1][5]


With nearly the entire Crusader element in Clan Coyote destroyed after this incident, her Clan was now united in cause and free to pursue an active Warden agenda in the Grand Council. Born to a Bloodname House that provides warriors to all branches of the Clan Coyote Touman as well as many of it's leaders, Khan Tatiana Steele would be remembered for her resolve, and decisiveness in the face of mortal danger to her Clan.[1][3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Coyote

Succeeded by


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