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Tau Galaxy (Escorpión Imperio)

Gs tau galaxy.png
Tau Galaxy
Formed 3026
Nickname Alexandretta Garrison
Affiliation Imperio Militar del Escorpión;
Clan Goliath Scorpion (previous)
Parent Command Clan Goliath Scorpion touman

Tau Galaxy was formed in 3026 as a garrison unit on Tokasha.


Clan Goliath Scorpion[edit]

Tau Galaxy was formed in 3026 to act as a garrison to protect Scorpion holdings on Tokasha and nicknamed the Fort Fairchild Garrison after their posting. The Galaxy's Clusters are mostly equipped with light and medium 'Mechs and AeroSpace units so they can quickly move from one area to another. In 3061 the unit was debating the wisdom of taking advantage of the confusion caused by the Great Refusal and the Ghost Bear's departure for the Inner Sphere.

Clan Hell's Horses launched a strike at Fort Fairchild and the surrounding territory that included the Alpha Mechworks in 3065. Tau was subjected to a crushing defeat by the Horses' Beta Galaxy[1] that reduced the Clan's holding on the planet by almost one third.[2] The loss of the fort forced the Galaxy to take up garrison at Alexendretta, and also change its nickname to the Alexandretta Garrison.

Although primarily the garrison force of Tokasha the full Galaxy does not appear to have been on planet when Clan Steel Viper assaulted it in September 3074. The Scorpion holdings were described as weak and Clan Blood Spirit stood its forces as proxy for all Clan holdings against the Vipers. The Spirits lost the Trial and the Scorpion warriors on planet along with all the civilians were executed.[3] After the Steel Viper Annihilation, in December 3075, Tokasha was undefended.[4]

Tau Galaxy appears to have seen limited fighting in the Wars of Reaving remaining a defensive formation. It is likely that it had taken up position again on Tokasha when Clan Stone Lion moved against the Scorpion holdings in 3079, before being recalled to Roche by the Khan. From here Tau Galaxy moved to Waypoint 531, before attacking Granada, the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate in January 3080. The world was captured within a week, but it saw the death of Galaxy Commander Evelyn Buhallin.[5]

Escorpión Imperio[edit]

Tau survived the Abjuration of the Clan relatively intact. Galaxy Commander Orvin Kirov took over after Evelyn Buhallin's death.[6] By the eve of the Hanseatic Crusade in 3141, the 71st Scorpion Uhlans Cluster within Tau Galaxy would be the home of the surviving descendants of the absorbed Eridani Light Horse's 71st Light Horse Regiment personnel after the Wars of Reaving and the Clan's Abjuration.[7]

Dark Age[edit]

On January 3, 3140, Tau Galaxy attacked Novgorod. Elements of Regional Defense Force 9 and Convoy Defense Force 3 were stationed on this world, but were destroyed by Tau's warriors. The RDF's battle armor did inflict some losses on Tau's units.[8]

January 28th found Tau Galaxy on Kampen. Here they faced Regional Defense Force 7, who nearly forced the Tau Clusters back into their DropShips. Galaxy Commander Isaac Posavatz called for aerospace fighter support. The loss of an RDF7 company didn't force them to retreat, instead RDF7 attacked with even more fury. Galaxy Commander Posavatz was killed. Star Colonel Zephyr Rood, commanding the Fourth Scorpion Cuiraissers, took control of the Galaxy and ordered them back onto their DropShips. Once embarked, the Galaxy performed a combat drop on Utrecht, the capital city. Despite orders to the contrary Tau Galaxy fought in the city, destroying power plants, water purification facilities, and atmospheric processors among other civilian targets. With the loss of these purification systems, the air rapidly began to fill with atmospheric toxins. After five weeks of fighting, hundreds of thousands of civilians had died. The fighting only ended when the Twelfth Scorpion Grenadiers killed Captain-General Gretel Sieger and her command lance, leaving RDF7 leaderless.[9]

In May 3140, Tau dropped onto Dorpat, quickly destroying the local militia and a small mercenary force.[10]

9 July 3140 marked the attack on Bremen. Tau Galaxy was paired with Hellion Galaxy, supported by approximately half of Grunt Galaxy.[11] While Tau Galaxy held Regional Defense Force 4 in place, the quick 'Mechs of Hellion Galaxy promptly flanked the Hansa unit. RDF4 was effectively destroyed in a massive pincer maneuver by the two Scorpion units. Tau then redeployed to face Regional Defense Force 3. When Elementals from Alpha Galaxy captured the Council of Merchants on October 12, the Council activated a failsafe which destroyed the government building and most of the capital city. This included most of RDF3 and Tau Galaxy. RDF3, thinking the Scorpions were responsible for the vast loss of life, attacked Tau's surviving units in a suicidal frenzy. Tau's skilled warriors quickly dispatched them.[12]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Tau Galaxy (Clan Goliath Scorpion)
Galaxy Commander Evelyn Buhallin 3061 - 3080[13][14]
Commanding Officers of the Tau Galaxy (Escorpión Imperio)
Galaxy Commander Orvin Kirov 3086[6]
Galaxy Commander Richelle Winston 3100[15]
Galaxy Commander Isaac Posavatz 3140[16]
Star Colonel Zephyr Rood 3140[16]


Tactics vary based on the Cluster.

Composition History[edit]

Ground Forces[edit]



Naval Assets[edit]


Game Rules[edit]

In 3140 Tau Galaxy can use the Tactical Adjustments special ability.[16]


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