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Tau Provisional Galaxy (Clan Star Adder)

Tau Provisional Galaxy
Formed 3059
Affiliation Clan Star Adder
Parent Command Clan Star Adder Touman


Tau Provisional Galaxy was formed, along with Upsilon Provisional Galaxy, for the Burrock Absorption with units from four different second-line Galaxies.

Tau had no time to train as a unit before being sent to reinforce Gamma and Delta Galaxies on Priori. The new unit performed well enough to stay in service, losing only one Cluster in the process. Battle losses were made up by transferring survivors from Upsilon into the unit, as well as adding former Burrock warriors.

Later in 3059, Tau was dispatched to help Clan Cloud Cobra garrison the Tanite Worlds.[1]

After five years in the Tanite worlds, Tau returned to the Kerensky Cluster and in 3067 was split between Albion and Homer.[2] [3]

By 3085 Tau was still in existence but had been reduced to two Clusters.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Tau Provisional Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Dara Shi-Lu 3059[5]
Galaxy Commander Trent N'Buta 3067[3]
Galaxy Commander Brynn N'Buta 3085[4]



Composition History[edit]



  • 286th Adder Sentinels[3]
  • 343rd Adder Sentinels[3]
  • 899th Gatekeeper[3]
  • 1114th Gatekeeper[3]


Former Units[edit]

  • Unknown Cluster - destroyed during the Absorption


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