Taurus Territorial Industries

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Taurus Territorial Industries
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Taurus
Leadership: CEO
Products: Aerospace fighters
Battle armor
Small craft
Division(s) Jansen's Hold

Taurus Territorial Industries is the largest weapons manufacturer in the Taurian Concordat.


Geared towards offensive and defensive weapons production, TTI was created in the late 2700s and is heavily subsidized by the government.[1] Originally an assortment of small military industries based on worlds scattered throughout the Hyades Cluster, TTI came into being as a single collective entity when Protector Brandon Calderon and his various economic advisors were looking to reorganize the many divergent companies following the issue of Council Directive 41 by the Star League Council in 2722. The small companies were nationalized, then reorganized, reconstructed and revitalized as a part of the rebuilding of the Taurian military industrial base, and TTI finally emerged as a single, coherent corporate entity in early 2760.[2]

TTI's primary facility was located on Taurus and employed almost two hundred thousand workers in April 2765, producing prodigious quantities of combat vehicles and BattleMechs; the 'Mechs produced in the largest quantities were the Locust, Wasp, Marauder and Warhammer, as well as a locally-designed variant of the Wolverine. The Taurian Defense Force used images from the TTI facility as a part of their recruitment campaigns - particularly the image of ranks of Warhammers flying TDF colors within a holding area near the production line. The same images were also used for propaganda purposes.[2]

While briefly eclipsed by the Trinity Alliance-born creation of Detroit Consolidated MechWorks, with the formation of the Fronc Reaches TTI has regained its position as the premier weapons manufacturer in Concordat space. In recent years the company has sold significant numbers of Thunderbolts and Warhammers to the Outworlds Alliance's Alliance Military Corps and obtained a license from the Capellan Confederation to produce a new version of the Wasp.[3]

Taurus Territorial Industries is the largest of all Taurian weapons manufacturers, and its fanatical defenders are well aware of the firm's importance to the Concordat. Unfortunately, not even they could prevent the Fighting Urukhai from damaging the facility and completely destroying the factory's Hatchetman line. The entire factory complex remains inactive at this time, awaiting crucial repairs to the building’s structure.

Many more of TTI's production lines were destroyed in May 3074 when a series of asteroids struck Samantha, the capital city of Taurus.[4] Hansen's Roughriders also attacked and seriously damaged the production lines on Sterope in a retaliatory strike.[5] It was later reported that the TTI facilities on Taurus had been destroyed, and that the Sterope plant had not yet returned to full production even as late as mid-3081.[6]

Taurus Territorial Industries manages three separate complexes on Sterope; an aerospace assembly plant, a conventional vehicle manufacturer, and a small shipyard.

In 3079, the plant on Jansen's Hold was operating at three-fourths its maximum capacity even though it had lost none of its staff. The Sterope facilities had only ten percent of their pre-Jihad staff, and was barely operating at a third of their maximum capacity. The plant on Taurus was destroyed in the asteroid strike, and was a complete loss.[7]



Taurus Territorial Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Jansen's Hold[edit]

Components produced on Jansen's Hold:[9]
Component Type
Griffin (Primitive)[9] Medium BattleMech
Phoenix (Primitive)[9] Medium BattleMech


Note: Many of these lines were damaged by the retaliation raid by Hansen's Roughriders in 3076. As of mid-3081 the Sterope facility hadn't returned to full production.[6] In addition to these full combat systems, the Sterope plant also produced static gun emplacements and anti-personnel mines.

Components produced on Sterope:[10][11][12][13][14]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Asterion[10][15] medium battle armor
Trinity[10] medium battle armor
Maultier[11][12][15] Hover APC
Heavy Wheeled APC[15] Wheeled Vehicles
Hunter[13][15] Tracked Vehicles
Ordnance Transport[citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Tracked APC[13][15] Tracked Vehicles
Coolant Truck[citation needed] Wheeled Vehicles
AeroSpace Fighter
SYD-21 Seydlitz[13][14][15] light aerospace fighter
Small Craft
S-7A Bus[citation needed] small craft
Union[13][15] DropShips
Shipil 15 Seydlitz[13][14]
Internal Combustion Engine
Magna 50 ICE Maultier[11][12]
Magna 60 ICE [citation needed]
Magna 100 ICE [citation needed]
Magna 160 ICE [citation needed]
Fusion Engine
Shipil 180 Seydlitz[14]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Light ferro-fibrous Maultier[11][12]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Shipil Standard Seydlitz[14]
Communications System
Communicator [citation needed]
Neil 6000-X Maultier[11][12]
O/P AIR 500 Seydlitz[14]
Tandy A-100 [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
FireScan with IndirecTrack [citation needed]
O/P 3000 Seydlitz[14]
TracTex Alpha-1 Maultier[11][12]
Large Laser
RamTech 1200 Seydlitz[14]
GM Flashpoint [citation needed]
FarFire Maxi-Rack [citation needed]
Streak SRM-2
Pinard Reaper Maultier[11]


The TTI facilities on Taurus were destroyed during the Jihad.[6] By 3079 they had returned to some production (Locust, Warhammer refit, Lightning Hovercraft),[16] but not enough to be significant.[17]

Components produced on Taurus:[18][19][20][21][22]
Component Type
LCT-1V Locust[18][16] Light BattleMech
LCT-5V Locust[16] Light BattleMech
WSP-1A Wasp[18] Light BattleMech
WSP-3A Wasp[citation needed] Light BattleMech
WSP-3L Wasp[19] Light BattleMech
HCT-3F Hatchetman[18] Medium BattleMech
HCT-5S Hatchetman[citation needed] Medium BattleMech
MHL-X1 Marshal[20] Medium BattleMech
Wolverine[2] Medium BattleMech
BRM-5A Brahma[21] Heavy BattleMech
TDR-5S Thunderbolt[18] Heavy BattleMech
TDR-7M Thunderbolt[citation needed] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-6R Warhammer[18] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-7M Warhammer[citation needed] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-11T Warhammer[22] Heavy BattleMech
MAD-3R Marauder[18] Heavy BattleMech
AeroSpace Fighter
LTN-G15 Lightning[18] medium aerospace fighter
TRB-D36 Thunderbird[citation needed] heavy aerospace fighter
Leopard[18] DropShips
Bergan VII Locust[18]
1A Type 3 Wasp[18]
Chariot Type II Hatchetman[18]
Earthwerk TDR Thunderbolt[18]
Earthwerks MHL Marshal[20]
GM Marauder Marauder[18]
Hellespont Type W Endo Steel Wasp 3L[19]
StarCorp 100 Warhammer[18]
StarFrame Standard Warhammer 11T[22]
TTI MK VI Brahma[21]
Aeroframe 2 Lightning[18]
Aeroframe 6 Thunderbird[citation needed]
Fusion Engine
GM 120 Wasp[18]
GM 160 Locust[18]
GM 180 Hatchetman[18]
Hermes 120 Wasp 3L[19]
LTV 160 [citation needed]
Magna 220 Marshal[20]
Vlar 260 Thunderbolt[18]
Vlar 280 Warhammer[18]
Vlar 300 Marauder
Shipped to Pinard for Marauder[18] and to New Vandenberg for Ostroc[citation needed]
VOX 280 [citation needed]
VOX 300 [citation needed]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 180 XL [citation needed]
VOX 280 XL Warhammer 11T[22]
VOX 300 XL Brahma[21]
Jump Jets
Hellespont Leapers Wasp 3L[19]
Rawlings 45 [citation needed]
Rawlings 52 Wasp[18]
Rawlings 54 Hatchetman[18] and Brahma[21]
Rawlings 55 Marshal[20]
Improved Jump Jets
Waterly Heavy Lifters Warhammer 11T[22]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Shipil FrameForm [citation needed]
Shipil FrameForm Ultra [citation needed]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
Shipil FrameForm Ferro Aluminum [citation needed]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Light Wasp
Shipped to Illiushin for Commando[18]
Durallex Medium Hatchetman[18]
Shipped to Illiushin for Shadow Hawk (3067)[citation needed]
Durallex Heavy w/CASE Brahma[21]
Hellespont Lite Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Wasp 3L[19]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Durallex Light ferro-fibrous Locust
Shipped to MacLeod's Land, Illiushin and New Vandenberg for Stinger
Durallex Super Medium ferro-fibrous Marshal[20]
Shipped to New Vandenberg for Ostroc
Valiant Ringmail Light ferro-fibrous w/CASE Warhammer 11T[22]
Communications System
Garret T5C Warhammer 11T[22]
Hellespont Tight Beam Wasp 3L[19]
Neil 9000-A Marshal[20]
Neil 9000-C Brahma[21]
Targeting-Tracking System
Garret JQ31 Warhammer 11T[22]
Octagon Tartrac System C Marshal[20]
Octagon AccuTrak w/Enhanced Targeting Brahma[21]
RadCom TXXI Wasp 3L[19]
Snub-Nose PPC
Parti-Kill Warhammer 11T[22]
Light PPC
Moscovia Warhammer 11T[22]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Wasp 3L,[19] Brahma[21] and Warhammer 11T[22]
Light AC/5
Pontiac Ultralight Brahma[21]
Rocket Launcher 10
Death Blossom Wasp 3L[19]
Doombud Warhammer 11T[22]
Streak SRM-6
Hovertec Brahma[21]
Flameshot Brahma[21]
Anti-Missile System
McArthur Mk.II Brahma[21]
Defiance Type 3 [citation needed]


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