Tech Level

This article is about the actual tech level system published in MechWarrior. For the Rules Levels 1-3 that were last published in BattleTech Master Rules, Revised Edition, see Rules Level/BMRR.

Tech Level was a rating system developed in the MechWarrior, First Edition game. Its use was classify items for relative technological sophistication, comparison and availability. This scale was less granular than the current one found in the Classic BattleTech Tech Manual. The scale was written prior to the introduction of the Clans and Jihad, so no mention was made of those eras.

Tech Level Label Time Period Industry Required
1 Low Tech Pre-Twentieth century Normal Industry
2 Medium Tech Twentieth century or later Normal Industry
3 HiTech Terran Hegemony to Star League Heavy Industry
4 Advanced HiTech Lost Star League technology "Black Box" - No longer understood or reproducible


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