Technical Readout: 3150

Technical Readout: 3150
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Development Jason Schmetzer and Herbert A. Beas II (Development Assistance)
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Aaron Cahall
Keith Hann
Jason Hansa
Johannes Heidler
Ken Horner
William Gauthier[1]
Daniel Isberner
Kevin Killiany
Philip A. Lee
Aaron Pollyea
Joshua Perian
Christopher Purnell
Craig Reed
Luke Robertson
Ben Rome
Jason Schmetzer
Adam Sherwood]
Paul Sjardijn
Joel Steverson
Geoff Swift
Mike Timbers
Elliotte Want
Patrick Wynne
Andreas Zuber
Pages 226
Cover Artwork Rudy Valle (Cover Art)
Interior Artwork Ray Arrastia (Layout & Cover Design)
Illustrations Chris Daranouvong
Stephen Huda
Alex Iglesias
Seth Kurbound
Chris Lewis
Justin Nelson
Matt Plog
Anthony Scroggins
Rudy Valle
David White
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35134
First published 20 July 2015
ISBN-10 1941582176
ISBN-13 978-1941582176
MSRP $39.99
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 3145 - 3150
Series Technical Readout: 3145
Preceded by Technical Readout: 3145


Technical Readout: 3150 (abbreviated TRO:3150) is an in-universe publication which was written as an intelligence report of faction specific designs of combat vehicles, battle armor, 'Mechs, aerospace fighters, and DropShips from 3145 to 3150. The publication includes new designs and variants of existing designs published previously in the Technical Readout 3145 Faction-themed PDF series. This book also is a compilation of some selected units from Experimental Technical Readout: Republic PDF series, and other miscellaneous online-only publications, with updates to their background information up to year 3150.

Publisher's Description[edit]

The Walls Came Tumbling Down…

War has spread across the Inner Sphere, shattering and shifting alliances both old and new. As the Clans once more close in on humanity’s homeworld of Terra, the walls of Fortress have come down, revealing the return of Devlin Stone. Desperate for any edge, the Great Houses, Clans, and Periphery states of the Inner Sphere have unleashed a flood of new war machines, rushing them into battle on every front.

Technical Readout: 3150 collects the latest generation of battle armor, vehicles, ’Mechs, and aerospace units from around the Inner Sphere in a single print volume for the first time, complementing the Republic-heavy units shown in Technical Readout: 3145. Featuring new technologies found in Era Report: 3145 and Field Manual: 3145, with new variants and notable pilots, this volume provides players with a glimpse into the twilight years of the Dark Age Era..

For use with BattleTech, Total Warfare, Tactical Operations, and Strategic Operations.


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  • Errata: Writer Daniel Isberner was later added to writing credits and was left out of the initial 1st PDF release of the book.[2]