Technical Readout: Golden Century

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Technical Readout: Golden Century
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Development Joshua C. Perian
Primary writing Aaron Cahall
Jason Hansa
Ken Horner
Daniel Isberner
Chris Hart
Philip A. Lee
Aaron Cahall
Joshua Perian
Michael Ciaravella
Craig Reed
Luke Robertson
Brent Ezell
Mike Miller
Joel Steverson
Geoff Swift
Mike Timbers
Elliotte Want
Patrick Wynne
Jason Hansa
Pages 157
Cover Artwork Mark Zug
Illustrations David White (New Illustrations)
Chris Lewis
Matt Plog
Brent Evans
Duane Loose
Doug Chaffee
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35TRO10
First published 31 July 2020
MSRP $14.99 (PDF)
$29.99 (Print)
Content Technical Readout
Era Succession Wars era
Dark Age Era
Timeline 28302930,
Series Technical Readouts
Preceded by Technical Readout: 3150
Followed by Technical Readout: Irregulars


Technical Readout: Golden Century (abbreviated TRO:GC) is an in-universe publication written by the Paladin Janella Lakewood of the Republic of the Sphere in December, 3150. The book acts as a historical report early war machines development during the earlier era of the Clans' history known as the Golden Century Era. Some units listed in the book have been resurrected for use in the conflicts occurring during late Dark Age Era.

The book provides profiles and record sheets for historical BattleMechs, OmniMechs, aerospace fighters, the earliest of models of battle armor, and WarShips.

Publisher's Description[edit]

“Those who break faith with the Unity shall go down to darkness.”

While the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere decimated each other over the shattered remains of the Star League and slid into the technological dark age of the Succession Wars, the Clans of Kerensky entered into a golden era of prosperity. Bereft of Nicholas Kerensky’s leadership, the Clans pushed their technological capabilities to their limits, developing devastating new weapons and technologies and flooding the battlefields of the Pentagon and Kerensky Cluster with powerful war machines as they Trialed each other for supremacy.

Technical Readout: Golden Century unveils the weapons and technologies developed during a pivotal era in Clan history, when the Clans came of age and matured into what they are today. Technical Readout: Golden Century debuts the production and custom machines used by the Children of Kerensky in the early twenty-ninth and thirtieth centuries. Statistics and Record Sheets are included for 29 new advanced and experimental BattleMechs, OmniMechs, vehicles, aerospace, battle armor and WarShip units ready for play. In addition, a complete section covers the experimental designs introduced by the nascent Clans immediately following the Pentagon campaign.


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  • TRO: Golden Century is the first full Technical Readout published since 2015 (Five year gap).
  • Much of the art in TRO:GC has already been published in other BattleTech books. Most of the units of TRO:GC are based on older SLDF designs, reusing their art, or were already published in Era Digest: Golden Century and Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents. The only units featuring new art are the "first" units of the Inner Sphere Clans, as of 3067, mentioned in TechManual and Strategic Operations, which were lacking descriptions until now.
  • The TRO is the first of a new series of "mini-TROs" similar in size and style to the faction-themed Technical Readout: 3145 PDFs.