Telos IV
Telos 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates43.942 : 40.273[e]
Spectral classK7IV[1]

System Description[edit]

Telos is located near the Nashira and Kervil systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Telos IV[edit]

Telos IV
Telos IV.jpg
System positionFourth[1]
Jump Point distance4 days[1]
Moons1 (Sadib)[1]
Surface gravity0.73[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature44°C[1]
Surface water82%[1]
Highest native lifeBirds[1]
Landmasses4 (Dulles, Rustov, Fellin, Haranshire)[1]
History and Culture
Population2,306,000,000 (3130)[1][42]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
Military CommanderUther Tamborowchuk, Legate (3130)[1][42]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Telos IV was one of the worlds that was abandoned by the Terran Alliance following the Outer Reaches Rebellion and the Demarcation Declaration of 2242;[2] Telos IV survived as an independent world, and when Director Shiro Kurita of the Alliance of Galedon conducted a year-long tour of worlds near the Alliance in 23092310, he included both independent worlds such as Telos IV and worlds controlling small states. Director Kurita brought with him evidence purporting to show that one or more of the small states nearby had designs on conquering Telos IV, and offered to mediate between Telos IV and its opponents. He also offered to protect Telos IV by allowing Asgard to join the Alliance, thereby allying itself with a stronger power.[4]

Telos IV accepted this proposal, not realizing that Director Kurita had invented the evidence and deliberately played a number of small states and worlds off against each other to dramatically expand the size of the Alliance.[4] The worlds of Dieron and Altair were responsible for Director Kurita's subterfuge coming to light, when in June 2311 a dispute broke out between the two; each called on its great ally only to discover that they were both allied with Director Shiro Kurita. Each planetary ruler discovered that they had been promised the same things, and word soon spread to the other planets seduced by Director Kurita's diplomatic campaign.[3]

Of all the worlds that had been tricked, those that took the greatest offense were the rulers of Asgard, Benjamin and Telos IV. Furious at having been manipulated and feeling betrayed, the three became increasingly hostile; Director Kurita responded by gathering together a thousand or more dignitaries and ruling lords from the northeast quadrant of the Inner Sphere to the Council of One summit in September 2311. He spoke passionately to those present of the need for cooperation between the worlds of the region for the betterment of all, and then called for a vote on his proposal of alliance. Those dignitaries who voted in favor departed safely; those who didn't were executed by the two companies of crack troops assembled around the summit by Shiro's brother Urizen Kurita before being shipped back to their next of kin.[3]

With the Council of One dispensed with, Director Kurita deployed both the Alliance of Galedon fleet and his land forces to the conquest of Asgard, Benjamin and Telos IV. The troops landed that same September and began attempts to subdue the population. The inhabitants of Telos IV were determined to retain their freedom and resisted bitterly, adopting the same guerrilla tactics used effectively by various worlds during the Outer Reaches Rebellion a century before. Director Kurita used every method at his disposal short of weapons of mass destruction, and the casualties on both sides were enormous, but eventually the three worlds were forced to capitulate, with Telos IV surrendering in April 2312.[3]

The people of Telos IV were known for their stubbornness, a very useful quality to them given that they live on a world that is constantly subject to heavy rainstorms and tornadoes; it was in fact their stubborn nature led the Draconis Combine to cede the world to the Terran Hegemony after the Combine wasted years trying to force the inhabitants to do what was best for the Combine. Initially the relationship with the Terran Hegemony was also marked by passive resistance and work slowdowns, but when the Hegemony installed several storm inhibitor systems and improved their quality of life, the relationship improved dramatically.[1] Telos IV was one of the worlds within the Lone Star Province of the Terran Hegemony.[8]

Star League Era[edit]

Prior to the Amaris Civil War, the Thirty-first Battle Squadron of Third Fleet of the Star League Navy was based around the orbital yards of Telos IV.[43]

During the Amaris Civil War, the Telosians returned to their methods of passive resistance, which led Amaris to abandon the world after smashing the storm inhibitors and local defense network. When the SLDF arrived, they found a world ready to support Operation LIBERATION.[1] The Combine annexed Telos IV in 2783.[13] The passive resistance to the Dragon's way of life resumed, preventing the Dragon from making full use of the world's resources. Things improved when Theodore Kurita enacted his reforms however.[1]

War of 3039[edit]

During the War of 3039 Telos IV was invaded by the Twenty-second Avalon Hussars and Twelfth Vegan Rangers Delta Regiment. The population was expected to help the invading AFFS forces, but the eased restrictions allowed by Theodore Kurita soured the population against the AFFS units. The citizens basically made everything for an AFFS soldier difficult, from using a nearly incomprehensible local dialect when talking to shop owners shortchanging soldiers or providing poor customer service.[44] In July the Second Benjamin Regulars arrived to take the system back. They landed on the world and moved the AFFS troops more than 200 km away from Triumph, the planet's capital city. Once the AFFS was out of position, the Forty-first Dieron Regulars landed around Triumph and in five hours had captured the AFFS DropShips and logistical system. The Hussars turned and engaged in a series of close range battles with the Dieron Regulars while the Vegan Rangers used a series of hit and run attacks against the Benjamin Regulars. This prevented the DCMS troops from joining forces, but the AFFS troops (particularly the Hussars) also had to deal with a large number of insurgents who would hit them and fade away into the population. Eventually it was too much, and the AFFS troops withdrew.[45]


Like many worlds, Telos IV was occupied by the Word of Blake during the Jihad, and would remain an occupied world until the beginning of Operation SCOUR, the allied coalition invasion of the Word of Blake Protectorate. Telos IV was the first world to be targeted for liberation in the Draconis Combine wing of the operation, with troops landing on the 5th of February 3077.[35] However, the liberation of Telos IV caused controversy in its' own right, as the allied coalition chose to garrison Telos IV and the nearby - and also recently liberated - world of Deneb Algedi with garrison forces from the Federated Suns. Where the DCMS had intended to deploy the Toguran Military Garrison and the New Samarkand Militia to garrison the worlds, these Combine forces were instead deployed to recently liberated worlds on the Free Worlds League front instead. These acts drew protests from Gunji-no-Kanrei Kiyomori Minamoto to General Belle Lee of the allied coalition.[46]

Telos IV was home to a satellite branch of Luthien Armor Works which operated manufacturing or refining facilities on the continents of Dulles and Rostov, and internal memos obtained by a new agency on Luthien in April 3077 highlighted the damage the LAW interests on Telos IV had taken - and led to questions about the level of damage inflicted on the local industry by the Combine forces, not just the Blakists. The Pembrose facility on the continent of Rostov was the least damaged, and yet it was only capable of operating at 43% of its' original output. The Stanly & Sons facility on Dulles had been sabotaged, and the high-yield nuke used to sabotage the plant had effectively destroyed it; most damning was the damage done to the facility in Triumph due to damage by Blakist nukes and the liberal use of nukes by both sides in and around Triumph.[47]

Military Deployment[edit]



Telos has four continents: Dulles, Rustov, Fellin, and Haranshire.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Triumph: the planetary capital city, located on Dulles[1]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 68 systems (65 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Nashira 7.6 Kervil 11.4 New Britain 11.9 Deneb Algedi 14.5
Al Na'ir 18.5 Miyazaki 18.8 Nirasaki 23.0 Styx 23.3
Pike 23.8 Chaville 27.4 Athenry 28.0 Quentin 28.0
Biham 28.1 Agador 28.2 Pokhara 29.8 Elix 30.8
Ancha 31.8 Helen 33.1 Kuzuu 33.7 Saffel 33.8
Halstead Station 34.3 Lambrecht 35.1 Murchison 36.9 Sadachbia 36.9
Errai 37.8 Lockdale 37.9 Dyev 38.3 Shinonoi 38.5
Ashio 39.7 Dieron 40.6 Towne 41.1 Ascella 41.2
Fomalhaut 41.8 Asta 42.5 Altair 44.0 Northwind 44.3
Moore 45.1 Dabih 46.1 Imbros 46.4 Shitara 46.9
Albalii 46.9 Small World 47.9 Addicks 49.3 Lone Star 49.6
New Stevens 51.1 Skat 51.2 Caph 51.3 Piedmont 51.6
Nai-Stohl 53.2 Galatia 53.5 Kaus Media 53.8 Yorii 55.4
Ozawa 55.4 Killbourn 56.0 Markab 56.5 Deneb Kaitos 57.1
Kaus Australis 57.7 Epsilon Indi 57.7 Chichibu 58.0 Ankaa 58.4
Algedi 59.0 Alya 59.0 Sabik 59.1 Ingress 59.2
Sol 59.6 Rigil Kentarus 60.1 Atria 61.0 Bryant 61.7


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