Template:Image summary

Image summary

Summary Missing summary
Artist Missing artist
Source Missing source
Licensing Missing licensing

The {{image summary}} template shows all relevant information about an uploaded image, including copyright info. If any of the fields are missing, the template will include the category Missing copyright information.


{{Image summary
| summary = 
| artist = 
| source = 
| licensing = 


summary = 
An explanation of what the image represents.
artist = 
The artist, designer, or photographer of the image.
source = 
The source of the image. Should include the book title from where the picture was taken. The page number and year would be informative, but are optional.
licensing = 
Either {{fair use}}, {{used with permission}}, {{public domain}}, or a custom entry. The most common template is {{fair use}}.


This code:

{{Image summary 
| summary = The [[Bounty Hunter]] confronting ''[[Tai-sho (rank)|Tai-sho]]'' [[Katana Tormark]].
| artist = [[Ray Lundgren]]
| source = ''[[Daughter of the Dragon]]'' by [[Ilsa J. Bick]] (June 2005)
| licensing = {{fair use}}

Will display:

Daughter of the Dragon.jpg

Summary The Bounty Hunter confronting Tai-sho Katana Tormark.
Artist Ray Lundgren
Source Daughter of the Dragon by Ilsa J. Bick (June 2005)