Company Information

Usage instructions[edit]

Copy and paste the following code into the top of the article, filling the appropriate fields. If a field is unknown, delete it.

| image = *.***
| imagewidth = ???
| caption = ???
| Previous Names = ???
| Founded = ???
| Interstellar = ???
| Sites = ???
| Main Products = ???
image =
Optional. The company logo, ensign, insignia or other distinctive symbol.
imagewidth =
Optional. The width of the image to be displayed if the width is less than 225 pixels.
caption =
Optional. A caption for the image.
Previous Names = 
Optional. Any previous names the company has had if it has been renamed.
Founded =
Optional.The year in which the company was originally founded or incorporated.
Interstellar =
Optional. If the company has a presence in more than one nation or state, this field should be set to "Yes". If the company is definitely limited to operating in a single nation or state, this field should be set to "No". If it is unclear where the company operates this field should be left blank.
Sites =
Optional. The planets on which the company has a factory or other significant installation.
Main Products =
Optional. This is where the primary products manufactured by the company can be listed, but should be kept at a very high level - i.e. "BattleMechs" rather than a listing of particular 'Mechs and variants, "Battle Armor" rather than a listing of individual suit types, and so forth.