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This template is meant only for real persons who are relevant to BattleTech. (For articles for fictional characters within the BattleTech universe, use Template:InfoBoxCharacter instead.)


| image               = 
| image caption       = 
| name                = 
| birthdate           = 
| died                = 
| Occupation          = 
| penname             = 
| Sarnaname           = 
| Forumhandle         = 
| BTPersona           = 
| homepage            = 


All entries except for "Occupation" are optional, meaning that the respective row does not appear if the field is left blank (or, in the case of "name", the article name is inserted if no other information is given).

image =
Image of the person in question
image caption =
Image caption, if any; in particular, please provide a date here for the image if at all possible
name =
The real name of the person in question, if it is different from the article name
birthdate =
Date of birth
died =
Date of death
Occupation =
The persons occupation that makes him or her relevant for BattleTech (e.g. "Author" or "Artist")
penname =
Known aliases or pen names used by the person in question
Sarnaname =
The username of the person in question here on Sarna BTW, if applicable
Forumhandle =
The username of the person in question on the official BattleTech forum, if applicable
BTPersona =
The BattleTech character identified with the person in question
homepage =
Personal homepage of the person in question