Emblem-important.svg Depreciated InfoBox

Users should be aware that this InfoBox has been replaced by a combined InfoBox that is to be used for both State (House) Commands and Mercenary Commands.

For new or updated articles please use Template:InfoBoxMilitaryCommand
Name of State Unit
Unit Profile (as of [[]])
Parent Formation


| image     = 
| nickname  =
| parent formation = 
| formed    = 
| disbanded =
| year      = 
| unitname  =


image =
Emblem of the state unit.
nickname =
Nickname of the state unit.
parent formation = 
What parent formation does the state unit belong to.
formed =
When was the state unit activated.
disbanded = 
When the unit was disbanded (optional).
year =
The reference year for the listed information.
unitname =
Full name of the state unit (including RCT status).