Story information
Product [[]]

This template documentation is transcluded from Template:InfoBoxStory/doc [edit]

Usage instructions[edit]

  • This template is only to be used for stories which are part of another product (e.g. included in a rulebook). Stories that constitute products of their own (e.g. novels or BattleCorps publications) must use Template:InfoBoxProduct instead.
  • Copy and paste the following code into the top of the article, filling the appropriate fields. If a field is unknown, leave it blank.
  • For the image field, just the name of the image is sufficient. e.g., Example.jpg, Example.png, etc.
| image               = 
| name                = 
| author              = 
| pages               = 
| type                = 
| product             = 
| illustrations       = 
| era                 = 
| agency              =
| universedate        =
| timeline            = 
| scrollable timeline = [[Start date::]][[End date::]]
| series              = 
| precededby          = 
| followedby          = 


All entries are optional unless noted as "required" below, meaning that the respective row does not appear if the field is left blank.

image =
Front cover of the product
name =
The name of the product. If this is left blank, the InfoBox will display the article's name here, so it only needs to be given when there is a difference between story name and article name.
author =
pages =
Use where applicable, i.e. for individual books or files
type =
(required) Short Story, Novella, etc.
product =
(required) The (article about the) product featuring this story
illustrations =
The illustrator(s), if any
era =
BattleTech era(s) covered by the story
agency =
The in-universe agency releasing the document
universedate =
The in-universe date of publication
timeline =
Earliest and latest point in the BattleTech timeline described in the story
scrollable timeline = 
Use exact dates for the first and last entries. These properties can be used to display the dates on a timeline on the Novels page.
series =
Series of which the story is part
precededby =
Preceding product (in the series or otherwise)
followedby =
Following product (in the series or otherwise)