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This template documentation is transcluded from Template:Multipleissues/doc [edit]


The {{multipleissues}} template is used to highlight the need for BattleTechWiki's Editors to take serious action to fix an article, where more than one serious issue is present. The tagging Editor must list those issues on the article's talk page and it would be proper for that list to involve issues that would take longer to fix than it did the Editor to detail (i.e. Do it yourself, if that is the quicker and more appropriate course of action). If such a list does not exist, then follow-on Editors are welcome to remove the tag, as it is unsubstantiated.


  • If the issus are article-wide, cut & paste {{multipleissues}} into the leading section of a page, following any disambiguation link, but before other leading section contents (per Help:Article Layout).
  • If the issues are confined to only one section, cut & paste {{multipleissues}} directly below the section heading.
  • List the issues on the article's talk page.