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This section (Newsbursts) is reserved for items of note relating to the overall BattleTech community, including release news of canon, officially licensed (ala, video games), and other major products that may merit Sarna entries or updates. Each should link to the external source that reports the notable event or a purchase site.
Default minimum posts for Newsbursts should be three, though it should be kept fresh with new information (as much as possible) and each entry should remain for at least a full month (if space allows). While items should be listed chronologically, posts removed from the section (and copied to the archive) should be culled based on importance of the information being presented; in other words, if a post is deemed to be more relevant than another, it does not have to be removed in lieu of a later-dated post. Posts should not link to Sarna News, the site's internal news division, though both may carry reports on the same announcements.