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At the moment, the Main template doesn't seem to be able to accept masked entries. You can see what happens if you try by looking at the Federated Suns page under the "Taurian Invasion" sub-section of the "History" section, which can be found here: Federated_Suns#Taurian_Invasion.
I didn't write that part of the Federated Suns page, but I can see why the author is trying to break out that particular campaign. I tried tinkering with different parameters for the Main template, but couldn't get anything to work that looks like what the author intended. I don't know if the Main template works that way intentionally, but it may be worth adding a caveat note to the template help page if it is intentional. I can see why it would be intentional - after all, it's intended to link to something that is an article in its' own right, whereas the Taurian Invasion piece is a sub-article within another article - but it is a little odd. BrokenMnemonic 03:03, 17 May 2012 (PDT)