Ter Roshak

Ter Roshak
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Falconer Commander[1]

Ter Roshak was a Falconer Commander (or senior training officer) of Clan Jade Falcon. He is most notable for his role in shaping the career of Aidan Pryde in Clan Jade Falcon, and for the infamy attached to it.


Falconer Commander[edit]

Ter Roshak was assigned to command a training unit on the planet of Ironhold II. He had previously served in a unit commanded by Ramon Mattlov; a Jade Falcon Warrior who commanded his respect. Upon meeting Aidan for the first time, he noticed the same attitude and abilities that Mattlov, Aidan's Genefather, possessed. He was suitably impressed by said qualities that he was shocked enough by Aidan's washing out in his Trial of Position to take drastic action.

Upon learning of Aidan's flight from Ironhold, he dispatched two of his underlings, Falconer Joanna and Aidan's superior in the Technician caste named Nomad. The two of them hunted for over a year until they found Aidan, and brought him back to Ironhold. Once there, Roshak offered Aidan a deal completely anathema to the Clan ways; namely, that Aidan be given a second chance at his Trial as a freeborn warrior, provided that nothing be said about it. Aidan accepted, and took his trial in the stead of a second freeborn warrior named Jorge, who Roshak had killed to allow Aidan to take his place. When Aidan passed and took his position in the Clan, Roshak figured that particular branch of his career to be finished.

However, several years afterward, Aidan stepped forward with the knowledge that he was indeed a Trueborn warrior, and revealed all of the details of Roshak's cover-up. Roshak, Aidan, and Joanna were brought back to Ironhold to face trial. Though the decision went against them, they fought a Trial of Refusal against heavy odds, which the three of them barely won.


Although Roshak escaped potential execution, his career was over, and he died in a solahma infantry unit during the Clan Invasion.


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