Terens Amaris

Terens Amaris
Character Profile
Died 2488[1][2]
Affiliation House Amaris
Position First Consul
Profession Noble
Spouse David Wong
Heather Durant (possible lover)

Terens Amaris was the first of the Amaris dynasty to be ruler of the Rim Worlds Republic.


Lady Terens Amaris married Lord David Wong in 2448 and adopted his two children from his previous marriage. That same year, an attempt was made on Director-General Jacob Cameron's life and Amaris, a Terran Hegemony intelligence operative, was put in charge of the investigation which would become the largest manhunt in the Hegemony's history. No suspects were apprehended but Republican passports had been uncovered.[3][4]

Amaris and her husband subsequently emigrated to the Rim Worlds Republic to continue the investigation, where she befriended and is believed to have had a love affair with First Consul of the Republic Heather Durant. As a gesture of friendship, Durant offered Amaris and her entire family second citizenship, where they became established as among the highest-ranking nobles in the Republic.[4]

In 2463, the heirless First Consul died suddenly of a previously undiagnosed heart condition. Having named Amaris her heir-apparent four years earlier, power was transferred to Amaris and her descendants.[4]


The Star League considered the Rim Worlds Republic as a hereditary possession of House Amaris from 2488,[1][2] presumably when Terens died and passed rule of the Republic to one of her children.

Gregory Amaris was Terens' grandson.[5]

Centuries later during the Star League era, one of the mammoth Stefan Amaris-class WarShips was intended to be named after Terens, but the incomplete hull was captured during the Star League Defense Force's invasion of the Republic in response to the Amaris Coup and put into service as the SLS Chieftain instead.[6]


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