Terra Firma

Terra Firma
Terra Firma 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates22.495 : -33.623[e]
Spectral classG8V[1]

The Terra Firma system is home to at least one habitable world, Terra Firma II, and as of 3151 was located in the Tikonov Commonality of the Capellan Confederation.[2]

System Description[edit]

Terra Firma is located near the Epsilon Eridani and Bex systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Terra Firma II[edit]

Terra Firma II
Terra Firma.jpg
System positionSecond[1]
Jump Point distance6 days[1]
Moons1 (Tybalt)[1]
Surface gravity1.20[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature32°C[1]
Surface water79%[1]
Highest native lifeMammals[1]
Landmasses2 (Rusalaia, Reniki)[1]
History and Culture
Demonym(s)Terra Firmans[1]
Population834,134,000 (3130)[1][48]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
Military CommanderLegate Peter Chandlier (3130)[1][48]

Planetary Info[edit]

Early History[edit]

Terra Firma has long enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with neighboring Capolla. Covered in huge forests and possessing abundant mineral resources, Terra Firma formed several trade agreements with its neighboring world. The two planets worked so well together that for many years they didn't need to have a military industry. The success of the two worlds allowed them to get additional independence from their Terran Hegemony overseers, who understood that they'd be better served by just leaving the two worlds alone to be the production powerhouses they were. This policy of noninterference would be honored by every other power that claimed control of the worlds throughout the Succession Wars.[1]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Following negotiations between Colonel Pavel Ridzik, chief military advisor to Chancellor Maximilian Liao, and AFFS Lieutenant General Ardan Sortek, conducted in February 3029 Ridzik created a new nation, the Tikonov Free Republic. The Republic was created by incorporating those worlds of the Tikonov Commonality that hadn't already been conquered during the first half of the Fourth Succession War. Ridzik returned to Elgin, the new capital of the Tikonov Free Republic, on the 3rd of March 3029 and swiftly began implementing a new government consisting of family members, friends and other appointees loyal to himself, purging dissident elements on the various Republic worlds and taking the opportunity to settle old scores. Terra Firma was one of the systems incorporated into the Republic.[22]

Operation GUERRERO[edit]

After the chaos of Operation GUERRERO, Terra Firma was heavily damaged by fighting on the world. Terra Firma and Capolla formed the Terracap Confederation, and this started Terra Firma on the road to recovery, but what really gave the planet new life was the Word of Blake's investment in infrastructure and other aid programs. In exchange for the right to place military bases and "defensive troops" on Terra Firma, the Blakists sent technical advisers and civil engineers to the world. By honoring the Terracap Confederation's independence and pledging their troops to defend both worlds, the Blakists were able to gain the support of the Terra Firmans.[1]

The Jihad[edit]

The Blakists used their popular support on Terra Firma to their advantage; planting Word of Blake sympathizers in the local government allowed the Word to take over the world without a shot being fired, and by the 1st of August 3068 the Word had full control of the government on Terra Firma.[38] In fact most of the Terra Firmans didn't realize that they were being bombarded by xenophobic propaganda until after they agreed to serve in the Word of Blake Militia. With the horrors of the Jihad swirling around them however, the Terra Firmans resisted the Word of Blake forces on their homeworld. Resistance movements started on Terra Firma as early as 3070. Many of these resistance cells were created by survivors of the Seventh Kommando, Wolf's Dragoons' special operations unit. In 3073 the new Black Widow Company arrived and fought the Opacus Venatori. This was an inconclusive battle, but the Word's High Command began to pay attention to the world. The Terra Firma Protectorate Militia was scrutinized by Word ROM and expanded to face the guerrilla threat. Most of this manpower came from the New Terran Party, and the expanded Terra Firma Protectorate Militia was placed under the command of that party's leader, Marius Verloewen.[49] His heavy-handed tactics, including reprisals against civilians, worked and by 3076 the resistance was isolated into one location. However the Coalition sent reinforcements and agents provocateurs to stiffen the resistance. These partisans were brutally killed, and the population rose up against their Word oppressors.[50]

In 3078 they were able to drive the Blakists away with the assistance of the Coalition.[1] The cost of liberating Terra Firma was high, though; the battle for the world stretched between the 9th and 17th of February 3078, but the booby traps set in place by the defending Blakist forces left most of Terra Firma's capital in ruins[51] and saw mercenary forces being brought in to assist the embattled Ryuken-roku as they cleared the city block by block.[52] Particularly deadly were the traps set by the New Terran Party members. These traps basically destroyed the planetary capital of Aserlitz, as did the New Terrans' suicidal last stand.[50]

Dark Age[edit]

Located within the Republic of the Sphere's Prefecture X, Terra Firma remained under Republic control when Fortress Republic was enacted in 3135. After the Wall was brought down in January 3149, however, the planet was targeted by the CCAF during Wave One of Operation BÀOYÌNG and fell in March to the First MAC and Warrior House Ijori.[46][47]

Military Deployment[edit]




- The unit was at 30% strength, with 67% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


Terra Firma has two continents named Rusalaia and Reniki.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Austerlitz: former planetary capital; destroyed during the last days of the Jihad[50]
  • Freinze: capital city, home to the planet's only only spaceport[1]
  • Nystoll: a city on Reniki, where Ballard-Dukempic Foods maintained a branch office[1]
  • Okeenog Woodlands: the only area free from the scars of war, on Rusalaia[1]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 84 systems (84 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Epsilon Eridani 13.1 Bex 15.8 Capolla 16.5 Brownsville 16.5
Acamar 17.7 Nanking 18.1 Epsilon Indi 19.3 Woodstock 21.9
Sheratan 22.0 Bryant 22.4 Outreach 25.6 New Home 25.9
Fletcher 26.3 Hsien 26.7 Chisholm 27.2 Arboris 27.3
New Stevens 27.6 Zurich 29.6 Keid 30.5 Carver 30.8
Aldebaran 30.9 Genoa 30.9 Ingress 31.0 Kawich 31.5
Northwind 32.9 Caph 34.4 Nopah 34.6 Procyon 35.6
Sirius 35.9 Azha 36.0 Ruchbah 36.5 Cynthiana 36.9
Bharat 37.3 Hall 38.0 Mandal 38.4 Saiph 38.8
Fomalhaut 39.0 Small World 39.5 Tall Trees 39.6 Hechnar 40.1
Slocum 40.2 Lockdale 40.3 Sol 40.5 New Canton 41.8
Menkalinan 43.3 Hamal 43.5 Basalt 43.9 Rigil Kentarus 44.2
Bhaktapur 44.9 Saffel 45.6 Ningpo 45.9 Deneb Kaitos 46.9
Wasat 47.3 Errai 47.7 Altair 49.3 Dieron 49.6
Gan Singh 49.9 Zion 50.2 Tau Ceti 50.6 Belluevue 51.5
Graham 51.6 Quentin 51.6 Berenson 52.1 Kansu 52.2
Tigress 52.4 Yangtze 54.0 Killbourn 54.3 Nirasaki 54.3
Pleione 54.4 Algol 54.4 Alpha Eridani 54.8 Xi Ursae Majoris 55.0
Hean 55.6 Tabit 55.9 Van Diemen 55.9 Helen 55.9
Manennaia 56.1 Talitha 56.6 Pollux 57.0 Ankaa 57.6
Addicks 59.0 Kristiandsund 59.1 Buchlau 59.2 Styx 59.3


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