Terracap Confederation

Terracap Confederation
Faction Profile
Time period:
Classification: Minor power
Controlled systems: 2
Capital world: Terra Firma
Ruler title: unknown
Military: unknown
Secret Service: unknown

The Terracap Confederation was a small, Chaos March-based alliance consisting of two worlds; Terra Firma and Capolla. It was founded in the aftermath of the War of 3057, when the region was liberated from the control of any of the Successor States.


The Confederation had its origins in a populist, anti-Liao guerrilla movement created soon after the "liberation" of the planet by Liaoist guerrillas and Free Worlds League-contracted mercenaries. These forces were not popular with the locals, and, upon the departure of the Marik mercenaries, the two competing guerrilla groups murdered each other in a fratricidal bloodbath that lasted for months.

This changed, however, upon the arrival of a new mercenary unit; the Fist of Mokal, on Terra Firma. Almost immediately, one of the anti-Liao factions allied with it, and then proceeded to use the mercenaries' 'Mechs in a quick campaign that completely destroyed all remnants of the Capellan Confederation-allied movements. In exchange, the Fist of Mokal was designated the planet's standing military force.

Within days, the new government of Terra Firma dispatched a contingent of the mercenaries to aid an allied rebel group on the planet of Capolla. These forces quickly liberated the planet, and set up the Terracap Confederation. The new nation immediately appealed for diplomatic recognition, but received none from any of the Great Houses.

During the Word of Blake Jihad, the Confederation was consumed by the pan-galactic conficts raging across the Inner Sphere. Its worlds eventually became part of the Republic of the Sphere following the final defeat of the Blakists in 3081.



Terra Firma Defending Forces

Capolla Defending Forces


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