Alliance Global Navy

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The Terran Space Navy was created in 2120 by special appropriation of the Terran Alliance World Parliament.


After the establishment of the first colony on New Earth in 2116, thought turned to the protection and maintenance of interstellar colonies. The Terran Alliance appropriated funds in 2120 to start the construction of six military JumpShips over a span of ten years. These ships were conceived as "first responders" to any future interstellar contingency.

The first Terran Space Navy ship, completed in 2122, was christened the TAS Charger.

Following the disaster of the colony ship Liberator in (2128), the Alliance passed the Colonization Procedure Referendum which required all colony ships to be escorted by the Terran Space Navy.

Sometime before 2295, when Admiral James McKenna took command, the Terran Space Navy was renamed the Alliance Global Navy.

2300 saw the launch of the TAS Dreadnought, first true combat warship and flagship of Fleet Admiral McKenna.

At the time of the dissolution of the Terran Alliance there were at least 26 warships as part of the Navy.

TSN and later AGN vessels used the TAS (Terran Alliance Ship) ship prefix, as did at least some other TA government department/agency spacecraft, including civilian vessels owned by the Alliance government such as colony transports. At least some of those latter vessels had a naval reserve status or could be otherwise placed under navy authority in an emergency.

Known Ships[edit]


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