Terrence Marik (27th c.)

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Terrence Marik IV
Character Profile
Born 2632
Died 19 October 2678[1]
Affiliation House Marik
Rank Captain-General
Parents Kernath Marik (father)
Siblings Theodore Marik

Terrence Marik was a politician and the twenty-seventh Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[2]


Early Life[edit]

Elder son of Liam Marik, Terrence was not viewed fondly by Marik Clan. When his uncle Kernath Marik died in 2671, he was not chosen to replace him. He and his brother were both judged in lacking extensive experience of their father. Also Marik family felt Terrence's and his brother's obligations to both their own careers and families took priority.[3]

Captain-Generalship and his Death[edit]

His father's reign was short-lived, due to his ill-health taking over for his father, Terrence set out to prove his critics he was man for the job. He issued plans which would stimulate economic growth for League and assure the Marik family future.

However, during his reign and of his predecessors plagued with economic recession due to rebuilding of Territorial States' surpassing League's outdated industrial base. There were people who felt that the Star League alliance was robbing the Free Worlds League of its economic potential. These scorned individuals would form a political opposition group known as the Protectionist Party in early 2600s. The group's influence had faded as by 2660s where House Marik's economy had improved enough that the Protectionist cause had little traction. Elements of this party went on to form terrorist groups, one of which would be known as the Scourge of Death.

After a string of bombings, the group would make a name for itself when they bombed Dormuth estate of Terrance Marik on Marik.[4] On October 19th, 2678, Terrence was holding a high-level meeting with his senior family members in the estate's library. The group had planted a powerful bomb underneath the Library and it would explode taking out Terrence and 39 senior members of his family, nearly ending the Marik ruling line for good. His wife, son, daughter, cousins and were all killed save cousin, General Gerald Marik. His cousin barely survived the blast due in part of miraculous feat of medical technology, the use of bionics. Once it was cleared that Gerald would survive his injuries, he then was chosen to take the leadership of Free Worlds League.[5][6]


Terrence was also known as Terrence Marik IV as listed in the Marik family tree for ruling Family.[7]


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