Texas TRO2750.jpg
Production information
Manufacturer Krester's Ship Construction
Production Year 2618[1]
Use Battleship
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 7,834,399,200 C-Bills
Technical specifications
Mass 1,560,000 tons
Length 1209 meters
Sail Diameter 1375 meters
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Top Thrust 2.5 g
Sail Integrity 6
KF Drive Integrity 30
LF Battery No
Armor Ferro-Carbide
DropShip Capacity 6
Crew 862
Grav Decks 3 x ( 1 x 95 meters, 1 x 65 meters, 1 x 55 meters diameters)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 20/35
Heat Sinks 3,825 (Double)
Structural Integrity 85
BV (1.0) 135,020[1][2]
BV (2.0) ???


The Texas-class WarShip was first deployed by the Star League in 2618 and was meant to directly replace the aging Monsoon. The primary requirements set down for the new battleship by the Star League Defense Force Admiralty was an increase in speed and heavy protection, and the Texas delivers on both fronts. Where Member State vessels of comparable size averaged 1.5gs of thrust the Texas can reach 2.5g thanks to its Rolls Royce Kraken engines. Its massive amount of Ferro-Carbide Armor gives it unrivaled protection, better than that the larger McKenna. The design carries 40 aerospace fighters, six DropShip collars, and some of the heaviest naval weaponry available. With such a blend of speed, durability and firepower, the Texas is a ship to be reckoned with.[2][3]

Of the original 52 Texas-class vessels, only seven survived the fighting following the Amaris coup to join the Exodus fleet.[4]

Probably the most famous of this class is the Prinz Eugen, the lead ship of what became known as the Prinz Eugen Mutiny.[citation needed]


The Texas is primarily armed with Omicron-45 Naval Lasers and Sunspot-3L Heavy NPPC's, giving it plenty of long range firepower. Two NAC/40's, one each mounted in the front quarter facing to give the maximum firing arc, can punch holes in just about every vessel of the day, although the Texas has limited ammunition for these massive weapons. Four Killer Whale missile tubes and eight AR-10 tubes, each capable of firing any type of capital missile, provide the Texas with the armor piercing firepower necessary when facing other cruisers or battleships. While certainly not the heaviest weapons load among Star League vessels, it is quite effective when used in concert with the ship's heavy armor and high maneuverability.[2]


301,671 tons

  • Bay 1: 40 Fighters
  • Bay 2: Cargo
  • Bay 3: 16 Small Craft


Although very few ships of the Texas-class survived the ravages of the Amaris coup and the Exodus Civil War, the Clans respected the capabilities of this massive ship and so have maintained it within their fleet. The remaining Texas-class ships have been outfitted with a Lithium-Fusion Battery at the expense of a portion of their cargo space.

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  • During the Amaris Coup, a Texas Class Battleship was knocked from orbit of Devin while fighting with the Republic's Navy. The Battleship's wreckage created a large field of craters and a mountain of steel, which later was named "The Boneyard". In August of 3050, it became the battlefield where Clan Jade Falcon defeated Devin's armored tank militia units. [5]



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