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TharHes Industries
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Corporation Profile
AffiliationLyran Commonwealth
(Tharkad V)[1]
Manufacturing Plant(s)

TharHes is a Lyran Commonwealth manufacturer of BattleMechs, battle armor, exoskeletons, and other military equipment.


TharHes was originally a branch of Hesperus II's Defiance Industries specializing in the production and development of missile systems and military-grade electronics and lasers. At one point however, the executives running Defiance decided to spin TharHes out and sell it off, unloading a majority of their shares in the company during a brief but company-wide slump in sales.[1]

The sale of TharHes led to the Wellby and Steiner noble families purchasing TharHes as a joint venture. The TharHes portfolio was then expanded to include BattleMech production in the early 3010s. TharHes' first 'Mech produced was the Crusader.[1] Unfortunately, this venture began with some stumbling, as they had to recall the first 200 of the 'Mechs when it was found that the reactor shielding for this batch was flawed.[2]

The company began to show better profits in the 3020s with production of the original WLF-1 Wolfhound. The Wolfhound being successful paved the way for TharHes to expand 'Mech production across a range of weight classes.[1]

TharHes was soon bound by a contract that proved to be an embarrassment for the company. When the production of the WLF-2 Wolfhound began, they entered into a long-term contract with Doering Electronics to provide them with the communications system for the Wolfhound. Shortly thereafter, TharHes began to produce their own line of communications systems which have proved to be very popular, but due to their contract these systems don't appear on one of their premier 'Mechs.[3] This was a result of the Lyran government policy that encouraged companies to cooperate through trade with each other as a means of providing both stablity and economic growth.[1]

The TharHes facilities on Tharkad were nearly destroyed during the Jihad, taking 95% losses during the conflict; by 3079, the company had only managed to restore production to 20% of full capacity. In contrast, the Eutin facilities constructed during the Jihad were completely unscathed and continued to operate at full capacity;[4] the employment provided by the TharHes facilities proved to be a major boon for the population of Eutin Prime, which had doubled in size by 3079 to almost eight hundred thousand.[5]

With only the Barghest production line still producing 'Mechs from the Tharkad plant by the end of the Jihad, rumors and speculation were rife that TharHes was going to merge back into Defiance Industries in some form as a possible route for both companies to weather the massive reconstruction efforts needed.[6]

TharHes retained its independence, but its facilities were again heavily damaged when Clan Wolf attacked Tharkad in 3142. The factory's BattleMech lines were destroyed in the fighting, leaving the plant only able to produce standard battle armor suits at a quarter the prior rate.[7]

The company's streak of misfortune appeared to be coming to an end with the introduction of its new Crusader variant, the CRD-10S, which first saw combat in 3147. While many other companies had begun producing enough Clantech in-house to introduced mixed-tech versions of their designs, TharHes had gone one step further, building their flagship BattleMech entirely to Clan specifications, either through equipment fabricated on-site or purchased from Defiance Industries.[8]


TharHes Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Arc-Royal:
Component Type
Engineering Vehicle[citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Internal Combustion Engine
WorkHorse 240 [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
BlindFire [citation needed]
Medium Laser
Intek [citation needed]
Donal [citation needed]
GM Whirlwind [citation needed]
Ultra AC/5
General Motors Nova-5 [citation needed]


Components produced on Eutin:[9]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Rottweiler[9][5] medium battle armor
Sloth[5] heavy battle armor


Components produced on Tharkad:[10][11][12][13][14]
Component Type
WLF-1 Wolfhound[15] Light BattleMech
WLF-2 Wolfhound[10] Light BattleMech (out of production in 3079)[5]
BSW-X1 Bushwacker[16] Medium BattleMech
BSW-S2 Bushwacker[16] Medium BattleMech
BGS-1T Barghest[11] Heavy BattleMech
BGS-4T Barghest[14] Heavy BattleMech
CRD-3R Crusader[2] Heavy BattleMech (out of production in 3079)[5]
CRD-5S Crusader[10] Heavy BattleMech (out of production in 3079)[5]
CRD-10S Crusader[8] Heavy BattleMech
URA-2A Ursa[17] Heavy BattleMech (from Dark Age onwards)
FLC-8R Falconer[12] Heavy BattleMech (out of production in 3079)[5]
GOL-4S Goliath[citation needed] Assault BattleMech (out of production in 3079)[5]
Battle Armor
Fenrir[18][5] assault battle armor
Fenrir "Longshot"[19][5] assault battle armor
Fenrir II[20] assault battle armor (from 3119)[20]
Infiltrator Mk. I[21][22] light battle armor (Originally produced 3050 to mid-3060s, production recommenced by 3079)[5]
Smoothdavid II[13] PA(L) Exoskeleton (as of 3064)
Smoothgoliath II[13] PA(L) Exoskeleton (as of 3060s)
Arc Royal KH-3 Wolfhound[10]
Crucis-B Crusader[10]
Crucis-C EndoSteel (Clantech) Crusader[8]
Earthwerk GRF[16] Bushwacker
Earthwerks GRF Quad BGS-1T Barghest[11] & BGS-4T Barghest[14]
McLarren-75B Falconer[12]
URA Quad Endo Steel URA-2A Ursa[17]
Fusion Engine
GM 210 Wolfhound[10]
GM 280 BGS-4T Barghest[14]
Magna 260 Crusader[citation needed]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Magna 350 XL BGS-1T Barghest[11]
GM 260 XL Crusader[10]
GM 375 XL Falconer[12]
VOX 325 XL URA-2A Ursa[17]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Medium Wolfhound,[10] URA-2A Ursa,[17] CRD-10S Crusader[8]
Durallex Heavy w/CASE II BGS-1T Barghest[11] & BGS-4T Barghest (equipped with CASE II)[14]
Riese-500 Shipped in from FWL[10]
Valiant Chainmail Falconer[12]
Jump Jets
Devil A7 Falconer[12]
Communications System
TharHes Calliope HM-10 Shipped to Carlisle for Savannah Master[10]
TharHes Calliope ZE-2 Falconer[12]
TharHes Crystal Flower RG-2 Shipped to Furillo for Locust & Wasp[10] and also to Coventry for Commando[23]
TharHes Hm 10 Exported to S. L. Lewis Incorporated of Carlisle for the Savannah Master[24]
TharHes Euterpe HM-14 w/ C3 slave BGS-1T Barghest[11] BGS-4T Barghest (equipped with C3 slave),[14] Crusader and also shipped to Oliver for Crusader[10]
TharHes HQ CommSet [citation needed]
TharHes Kr-A P-comm Shipped to Pandora for Condor[10]
TharHes Melpomene HM-33 URA-2A Ursa[17]
TharHes Mini-Talk Shipped to Hesperus II for Hunter[10]
TharHes Muse 54-58K Shipped to Hesperus II for Rommel & Patton[10]
TharHes Thalia HM-22 Shipped to Hesperus II for Hatchetman[10]
Targeting-Tracking System
TharHes Digital Scanlok 347 Wolfhound[10]
TharHes AGART Shipped to Hesperus II and Sudeten for Hunter[10]
TharHes Alpha-2a Shipped to Carlisle for Savannah Master[10][24]
TharHes Ares-5B [citation needed]
TharHes Ares-7 Shipped to Hesperus II for Zeus[10]
TharHes Ares-7i Falconer[12]
TharHes Ares-8a BGS-1T Barghest[11] & BGS-4T Barghest[14]/Shipped to Hesperus II for Hatchetman[10]
TharHes Ares-9 URA-2A Ursa[17]
TharHes Mars-1 Shipped to Pandora for Condor[10]
TharHes Mars-5 Shipped to Hesperus II for Rommel & Patton[10]
TharHes Star Shark Shipped to Coventry for Commando[23]
ER Medium Laser
Defiance Model XII BGS-4T Barghest[14]
ER Medium Pulse Laser
TharHes Aetherbolt CRD-10S Crusader[8]
Large Pulse Laser
TharHes Thunderbolt-12 Crusader and shipped also to Oliver for Crusader, to Coventry for Phoenix Hawk and to Hesperus II for Griffin[10]
ER Large Laser
BlazeFire Sweetshot BGS-4T Barghest[14]
Heavy Machine Gun
Series XIV CRD-10S Crusader[8]
Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle
Defiance Annihilator BGS-4T Barghest[14]
TharHes Reacher 10 [citation needed]
TharHes Reacher 15 Shipped to Oliver for Crusader[10]
TharHes Reacher 20 Shipped to Carlisle and Alarion for Archer[10]
TharHes Blue Shipped to Carlisle and Alarion for Archer[10]
TharHes 4 Pack Shipped to Furillo for Warrior[10]
TharHes Maxi Shipped to Hesperus II for Atlas & Banshee; to Pandora for BattleMaster and to Sudeten for Thunderbolt[10]
Streak SRM-6
TharHes Maxi Elite (Clantech) Crusader[8]


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