Tharkad University


Tharkad University is a Lyran Commonwealth academic institution on the planet Tharkad, located in the city of Olympia. Many archons have received their educations at Tharkad University, as did a fair number of Star League elites, including the likes of Aleksandr Kerensky, before he enrolled in the Nagelring. Tharkad University is a major research university, and offers programs in almost every imaginable field, though it is best known for its history program, which is responsible for some of the best historians and archaeologists dedicated to the recovery of lostech following the fall of the Star League.[1]

Tuition for Tharkad University is high, and admission further requires the sponsorship of either a Tharkad U alumnus or a government or private organization with ties to the university. This is on top of the extremely rigorous entrance exams that prospective students must pass.[1]


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